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Paths of excellence

To support our educational mission to prepare our graduates to become leaders in their respective field of practice, we have begun the process to reshape how our curriculum and clinical experiences are delivered. Conceptually, all residents will receive core clinical and curricular experiences during the first two stages of their education. Individuals will then have the option to pursue Clinical Paths of Excellence, which will provide opportunities to gain more directed experience geared toward his/her area of intended practice. Components of the pathways will NOT be “tracks”. Rather, they will be elements of a flexible structure to support individualized professional growth and development that allow for selection of experiences outside of a designed path and/or development of individualized rotations that may not exist. Two Clinical Paths of Excellence are currently under development for Primary Care and Hospital Medicine with additional paths to be determined and developed according to the needs of our residents. In addition, some individuals may wish to concurrently prepare for careers in academic medicine, which will be supported by Academic Paths of Excellence.

As a complement to the Clinical and Academic Paths of Excellence, we have also begun to reshape other elements of the Med-Peds curriculum to cover essential topics for our residents. These Integrated Topics will be concentrated during the first two stages of your education and include Scholarship, Medical Education and Teaching, Health Disparities, and Career Development. Topics are directed to meet the needs of individuals appropriate for his/her stage of training and will be conducted in small groups led by the Program Director with support from additional faculty experts to further promote an individualized educational experience.

Anticipated Integrated Topics Components and Schedule

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