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Our educational mission is to prepare our graduates to become leaders in their respective field of practice whether it is primary care, academic or subspecialty practice, or research. Although many of our graduates have historically gone on to practice primary care, an increasing number have pursued subspecialty training or academic fellowships during the past five years. Through our well-rounded training, we are able to provide you with an excellent foundation to prepare you for any career path. As one of our graduates, you will be equipped with additional skills in leadership, teaching, and advocacy that are essential for successful future practice.

Our curriculum is divided into three-month blocks, alternating between Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. During the first year, emphasis is on the care of hospitalized patients, while providing exposure to primary care, newborn nursery, and emergency medicine. After completing a 12-month internship, Med-Peds residents take on supervisory roles in inpatient and outpatient settings identical to the responsibilities assumed by senior residents in the categorical programs. During the remaining three years of training, our residents have a balanced educational experience between general and subspecialty Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in both inpatient and outpatient settings.