Program Leadership

Michael Lukela, M.D.

Director, Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, University of Michigan, 2002
Chief Resident, Pediatrics, University of Michigan, 2002-03
M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1998

Professional Interests: My clinical practice is primarily inpatient as a hospitalist in the Department of Internal Medicine. In addition, I volunteer at the HOPE clinic, a local resource for adult and pediatric patients without insurance. My primary academic focus has been in medical education where I am extensively involved in both Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) as the Director of the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, member of the Admissions Executive Committee, and Director of the M2 Clinical Comprehensive Assessment. I have interest in educational assessment and curricular innovation and design.

Personal Interests: Outside of the hospital I enjoy coaching both of my sons’ competitive soccer teams, compete in marathons and distance triathlons, and remain ever hopeful that I will be able to train our dog, Maya.

What I Enjoy About Practicing at the University of Michigan: The people. My faculty colleagues and our residents are truly exceptional individuals. In addition to providing outstanding care for our patients, everyone is warm, friendly, easy-going, and compassionate. It is simply a wonderful community to be part of.

Namita Sachdev, M.D.

Associate Director, Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, University of Michigan, 1993
Chief Resident, Pediatrics, University of Michigan, 1993-94
M.D., University of Michigan Medical School, 1989

Professional Interests: My clinical practice is in one of our Medicine-Pediatrics practices at East Ann Arbor Health Center where I have a strong interest in health prevention and chronic illness management. As Associate Program Director, I enjoy working on resident education with a focus on ambulatory education and the development of new ambulatory experiences. I also spend time with first and second year medical students during their Clinical Foundations in Medicine course teaching clinical skills. During the summer months I volunteer with a community agency providing care to migrant farm workers.

Personal Interests: Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 children. My hobbies include playing and watching tennis, hiking, and reading.

What I Enjoy About Practicing at the University of Michigan: The opportunity to work with people from many walks of life, both as patients and colleagues! I also love teaching students and residents who are eager to learn and constantly challenge me to become a better teacher.

James P. Reinhart, M.D.

Medicine - Pediatrics Chief Resident

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2006, Michigan State University
Medical School - M.D., 2010, University of Michigan

About Me

I'm originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the one above the Mitten), and have lived in various places around the state since then. I married my high school sweetheart, and we have been enjoying living in downtown Ann Arbor and renovating our 100-year old home over the past few years. In medicine, I am interested in medical education and the transition from pediatric to adult care (I'm Med-Peds), and I'm planning to go into Pediatric Cardiology after residency. Outside of medicine, I like biking and skiing, traveling, visiting breweries, working on our house (most of the time), and heading back north to visit family.

Why I Chose Michigan?

As I went here for medical school as well, I felt that I knew this program the best and used it as my comparison for all the other programs I visited. I loved visiting different places and seeing their differences and strengths, but overall felt that I matched best with Michigan. I love the faculty and my co-residents, and feel that everyone is interested in helping progress our education but also acknowledging and supporting a life outside of medicine as well. I believe we get a great exposure to a diverse patient population, and the new Children's Hospital certainly doesn't hurt. Finally, Ann Arbor itself is a great town - it has plenty of restaurants, shows, festivals, and other events to keep you busy, but is still walker/biker friendly, has a good supply of parks and nature areas, and is easy to get out of when you want to go somewhere new.


Amy Cutting

Med-Peds & PTSP Program and Lead Fellowship Coordinator
B.F.A., College of Santa Fe, 2002

Professional Interests: I’m the Program Coordinator for the Med-Peds and Physician-Scientist Programs as well as the Lead Fellowship Coordinator so I stay busy working as a liaison between the different programs and GME as well as keeping up with our Med-Peds residents!

Personal Interests: I can usually be found somewhere either with my camera, knitting, reading, working on the computer, cooking for guests, hiking or camping. We’re pretty actively involved in the local cycling and running communities as well and will occasionally be spotted running around the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area with two giant dogs in tow.

What I Enjoy About Living in Our Community: I love the variety of events (many of them free) available in the Ann Arbor/Detroit areas! There is ALWAYS something to do but there’s also a ton of natural areas to explore whether you hike, run or bike that are beautiful all year round. I also enjoy the wide variety of restaurants available - especially ethnic cuisine if I can talk someone else into it!