OUr Residents

In addition to the superb training you will receive in our program, we believe that our residents are the greatest strength of our program. We are fortunate to attract outstanding residents from around the country. We are large enough to have a distinct identity within each department, yet small enough to form close relationships with one another. This collegial environment makes the University of Michigan an outstanding environment in which to pursue your Med-Peds training.



Sami A. El-Dalati

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2009, Swarthmore College
Medical School - M.D., 2014, Ohio State University


About Me

I was born in San Francisco and grew up just outside of Cleveland. I received a degree in history from Swarthmore College and went to medical school at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). I'm a big sports fan, especially when it comes to hockey and football and I have the unique misfortune of being both a Cleveland Browns and Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose Michigan for a variety of reasons. Coming from another medical center I learned of the high caliber of the programs at U of M. That drew me to apply and when I interviewed I had a great experience and met several people I knew I would enjoy working with. In addition, I met several fellows at my medical school's hospital that had done their residencies at U of M and they spoke very highly of their time there. Finally, the larger size of the program and the proximity to my family in Cleveland clinched it for me.

Nicholas J. Helmstetter

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2010, Kalamazoo College
Medical School - M.D., 2014, Wayne State University
About Me

I'm a Michigan native since early childhood, growing up in a small town outside Flint, called Flushing. I completed my undergraduate studies on the West side of the state at a small liberal arts school: Kalamazoo College. There, I majored in biology with focuses in Spanish and economics. I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. I also played division 3 football, go Hornets! Next, I traveled to the East side of the state to study at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. I loved my time there and was introduced to Med-Peds during orientation of 1st year and there was no turning back! At UMHS, I've become most interested in dual hospitalist or ICU medicine as well as medical student and resident education. When not in the hospital, I enjoy volunteering at the student run free clinic, spending time with friends and family in the area, exercising, reading, cooking and catching up on movies.

Why I Chose Michigan?

U of M is unique in that it has a strong pediatrics and internal medicine program, nationally. Also, it maintains that Midwestern charm that, by virtue, one can't find elsewhere. It's also a large referral center; so on top of the community bread and butter, challenging patients are routinely flown in by helicopter. The patient population is a typical biopsy of the US as a whole given the surrounding farming communities, the undeserved communities in Western Washtenaw county and Eastern Wayne county and the ethnically diverse population resulting from a vibrant university town. Furthermore, Ann Arbor is a great city for a multitude of reasons; from parks, schools, culture, sports, you name it! The bottom line was that the residents I met during my visit were the best and most friendly. I knew I had to come here.

Elizabeth jahns

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2002, Tulane University
Medical School - M.D., 2014, University of Wisconsin
About Me

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, I've lived in New Orleans, St. Louis, Madison, WI, Madrid, Long Island, and traveled to a variety of other cities when I worked as an IT project manager before going to medical school. I have three young children with whom I like to spend a lot of my time outside of work, but that often includes inviting friends over and hanging out in my backyard. When my husband and I get some time to ourselves, we love to travel. We got married in Belize, hiked to Machu Picchu, and toured around Costa Rica and Switzerland together. I've also been to China, India, Israel, Europe, and Central and South America both for work and for fun. I was always a big sports nut, but tore my ACL playing indoor soccer and mostly watch these days unless I can find a casual volleyball or softball game.

Why I Chose Michigan?

As a med-peds applicant, I was looking for a highly respected program strong in both medicine and pediatrics. Having a first rate medical school associated with our program ensures that we have energetic, knowledgeable students to work with, and gives us the opportunity to be a part of their education which I'm really looking forward to. Ultimately, though, the residents that I met during my interview are what sold the program. They were all super friendly, and everybody seemed laid back with a great sense of humor. Because I moved with my family, we also considered the city quite a bit in our decision. You simply can't beat Ann Arbor as far as beauty, easy transit, great summertime (and wintertime) activities, an awesome sports atmosphere, and great nightlife all of which are extremely accessible.

Madeline Mahowald

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2006, St. John's College
Medical School - M.D., 2014, Brown University
About Me

I grew up in Minnesota and then studied the classics at St. John's College in New Mexico. After graduation, I moved to North Carolina to work with teenagers in wilderness therapy. I took my premed classes at Bryn Mawr College, PA during a postbac year, and then went to Brown for medical school. I love being outside, and I plan to spend any free time I have running, cycling, paddling, hiking, and playing ultimate frisbee.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I was so impressed with the residents I met on my interview day - they were the sort of bright, motivated, hardworking, compassionate, and fun people with whom I wanted to work.

Marie A. Pfarr

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2010, Austin College
Medical School - M.D., 2014, Texas Tech University
About Me

I'm originally from Lubbock, Texas, attended Austin College, a small private liberal arts college in Sherman, TX and then attended Texas Tech University SOM. I chose Med-Peds because it combined two of my favorite fields. When not in the hospital, I enjoy spending time with friends, hanging out with my dog, exercising, and catching up on TV shows/movies!

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose Michigan because I loved my interview day. The residents were so friendly, and I instantly fell in love with Ann Arbor. Michigan has a great reputation and I'm thankful for the opportunity to train at a large academic center. Being a Texas native, I also wanted to try something new! Go Blue!

Angelico n. A. Razon

Undergraduate Degree - B.a., 2008, Harvard College
Medical School - M.D., 2014, University of California, Los Angeles
Additional Degrees - MPH, 2013, Harvard School of Public Health
About Me

I was born and raised in sunny southern California. Before you ask about how I survive winter, a couple nor'easters toughened me up while I lived in Massachusetts. My interests include primary care, health systems change for underserved populations, and medical education. I come from a family of foodies so I love to cook, make ice cream, and take on new culinary challenges. On my spare time, you might find me walking my dog Deuce, experimenting with urban gardening, dancing, enjoying jazz, or building furniture. Much like my hobbies (yes, residents do have them), I chose Med-Peds because it allows me to pursue interests in so many different areas!

Why I Chose Michigan?

The Michigan Difference! I have been so impressed by the institutional and individual commitment to patient experience and system improvement.

Jennifer K. Taylor

Undergraduate Degree - B.a., 2009, Northwestern University
Medical School - M.D., 2014, University ofMichigan
About Me

I'm originally from the Milwaukee, WI area and have lived in the Midwest for my whole life. I chose medicine-pediatrics because I enjoy the challenges that each population. I don't know what my career after residency will entail, but I enjoy critical care. When I'm not in the hospital, I enjoy being active and exploring both Ann Arbor and Detroit with my coresidents.

Why I Chose Michigan?

Since medical school, I have enjoyed the unyielding support of the faculty and my colleagues here at Michigan. I enjoy working with such brilliant, energetic, talented, and yet humble co residents who support me through good and bad times.

Samuel R. Wilson

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2010, Northwestern University
Medical School - M.D., 2014, University of Michigan
About Me

I was born in Ottawa, Canada, and grew up in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I completed my undergraduate education at Northwestern University, and migrated to Ann Arbor for medical school. I decided to do Medicine-Pediatrics because you can follow patients with chronic conditions over their lifespan. In my free time I enjoy running occasionally, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I really had a wonderful time in medical school and I'm excited to be back for another four years. University of Michigan has the most hardworking, passionate and engaged faculty, staff, residents and students. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to continue my training here and be a part of the Michigan family.


BarrettJulie Barrett

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2008, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Undergraduate Degree - M.P.H., 2011, George Washington University
Medical School - M.D., 2015, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in beautiful Pinehurst, North Carolina. At UNC, I majored in International Studies and studied abroad in Argentina. After graduating, I lived in Davis, California for a year, where I worked for a farm-to-school program, teaching gardening/cooking classes in public schools. I then moved to Washington, DC for my MPH in Community-Oriented Primary Care before starting medical school. My passions lie in primary care, prevention, and nutrition, but I love many parts of medicine! In my free time, you will find me adventuring outside (hiking, running, biking), spending time with my family/friends/cats, traveling, gardening, singing along to musicals, and learning new languages.

Why I Chose Michigan?

It was an intuitive decision for me - it just felt right on my interview day. Hands-down the friendliest residents I met, coupled with an outstanding academic medical center in a really great place! I can now tell you that what I perceived on my interview day was true: UM is a wonderfully supportive environment. From the residents to attendings to staff, everyone is so nice and helpful. Residency is hard no matter where you train, so it's important to be around fun and interesting people!

HolzemerNicholas Holzemer

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2011, University of Notre Dame
Medical School - M.D., 2015, University of Minnesota Medical School


About Me

I grew up in Hastings, MN, a smallish town outside St. Paul. I went to Notre Dame for college where I majored in Biology and History. I then returned to Minnesota, as all good Minnesotans do, for medical school in Minneapolis. I then brought my amazing fiance, Jena, with me to Ann Arbor who is finishing her PhD and will be starting a post-doc here next year. I enjoy biking, skiing, golfing, and hosting friends for dinner and good beer (preferably something on the grill) all of which fit in great in Ann Arbor (well minus the skiing, but the mountains are only a plane ride away). We are also enjoying the countless restaurants to explore in Ann Arbor, floating on the Huron, and exploring the arb.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I got a very strong sense of family when I interviewed at U of M, starting from having one of the residents host me in their own home. This has carried through since starting intern year. You are never alone here, you always have plenty of people to go with questions and for support and we have a very close class. There is also a central focus on teaching by the attendings, fellows, and senior residents.

JacobsonEmily Jacobson

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2011, Hamline University
Medical School - M.D., 2015, Dartmouth University Geisel School of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. For college, I went to Hamline, a small liberal arts college in the Twin Cities. Throughout my childhood and through college, I was very involved in sports with basketball and soccer my favorites. After college, I decided to head out East for medical school at Dartmouth. While there, I loved spending time hiking, kayaking, running, and other outdoor activities.

Why I Chose Michigan?

Michigan was a great fit for me for several reasons. A major factor was location. Being closer to family and friends was very important. Additionally, I loved the size of Ann Arbor and all the activities, events, restaurants, etc. Finally, I chose Michigan also for the opportunity to train at a large academic center with amazing, friendly, and great people.

klukMark Kluk

Undergraduate Degree - B.a., 2010, Albion College
Medical School - M.D., M.P.H., 2015, University of Michigan Medical School


About Me

Hi! From the beautiful Michigan landscape to the friendly people to the Tim Allen-voiced radio commercials, I love Michigan and that's probably part of the reason I decided to stay here after med school. I grew up in Jackson, MI with my younger sister and too many pets to mention. I then went to Albion College for undergrad, where I majored in Botany and Zoology and spent a lot of my free time in an a cappella group and perfecting my Batman and Ron Burgundy impressions. After a lot of deliberation, I found myself unable to stray from the charms of Michigan and headed down I-94 East to the University of Michigan Medical School. I took a brief hiatus to get a Masters in Public Health, also from U of M, and do some traveling, but I applied to Med-Peds programs, and, yup, you guessed it, now I'm a lifer-in-the-making!

Why I Chose Michigan?

I'm also here because I feel that the collaborative spirit and incredible people here will best prepare me for my future career in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. At least for now, I'm interested in becoming a Med-Peds hospitalist and also plan to be involved in global health work as well. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm happy to at least know that for the next four years, I'll be here!

LustHannah Lust

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2010, Brandeis University
Medical School - M.D., 2015, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


About Me

I was born in New Orleans (go Saints!), but I was raised in Dallas, Texas. I went to Brandeis University outside of Boston for undergrad, then returned home to attend UT Southwestern for medical school. I love to bake and cook and explore new restaurants. I also like to spend time outdoors - Michigan summers are amazing! Perfect for running and playing golf.

Why I Chose Michigan?

It was so easy to get along with the residents I met on my interview day. I also knew that I would be surrounded by brilliant colleagues, and I was happy to find that everyone is also very down-to-earth. The med-peds residents seemed to be seamlessly integrated on both sides, which was encouraging to me. U of M is such an exciting place to be, and I've loved exploring Ann Arbor!

McAleenanKayla Mcaleenan

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2011, Albion College
Medical School - M.D., 2015, University of Michigan Medical School


About Me

I am a Michigan native who was born in the Detroit area, went to Albion College, and headed to Ann Arbor for medical school. My husband and I love "The Mitten", and one of our favorite things is exploring Northern Michigan. We also love cooking, running, taking our dog on walk, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with our families.

Why I Chose Michigan?

It all came down to the residents and the support that I felt from the faculty and staff in the program. I knew that my professional and personal goals would be supported and encouraged at U of M. It doesn't hurt that I also love Ann Arbor!

MurphyAnne Murphy

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2011, University of Michigan
Medical School - M.D., 2015, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


About Me

I went to University of Michigan School of Kinesiology for college and University of Cincinnati for medical school. I am excited about obesity and exercise research but I am uncertain of my exact career goals at this point. On my days off I can be found eating at local restaurants, running, cross country skiing, or watching Netflix. The nice thing about this program is my co-residents enjoy the same hobbies – for example, we have a yearly curling event, demolition derby, kickball game, etc – and families and significant others are always welcome! I also really enjoy the outdoors and have had fun discovering new trails and parks in the Ann Arbor area.

Why I Chose Michigan?

The variety of career options that are available to a resident from the University of Michigan are what drew me here. Also, the residents here are a really intelligent, fun and social group!

WummelJessica Wummel

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2011, Michigan State University Lyman Briggs College
Medical School - M.D., 2015, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in Michigan and so happy I'm still here! I received my undergraduate degree from Michigan State University in Human Biology with a specialization in Bioethics, Humanities and Society. I decided to stay at MSU for my medical degree at the College of Human Medicine. So suffice it to say, Go Green! Outside of medicine, I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, read basically anything, and have recently gotten into DIY (but mostly through watching HGTV). In my future career I am interested in intensive care for both children and adults or Med/Peds hospitalist. But part of the beauty of Med/Peds is that it offers so many different career options so I'm staying open to any possibility.

Why I Chose Michigan?

While my athletic allegiance may always stay with the Spartans, the University of Michigan offered so many opportunities for medical careers that I couldn't say no! During my interview day, I was blown away by..well..everything! The residents I met at the dinner were down to earth, very helpful, and super fun! I had the most interesting and comfortable conversations with faculty at this interview and I could tell that working here would be very collegial and highly educational. It truly felt like I was already part of the family. I couldn't wait to officially begin my medical career at University of Michigan!


AllexanSarah Allexan

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2011, Kalamazoo College
Medical School - M.D., 2016,University of Colorado School of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where my love of the outdoors and mountains began! I ventured to Michigan to attend Kalamazoo College where I studied Biology and met my husband, Caleb. I studied abroad in the Galapagos and Ecuadorian Amazon. I fell in love with medicine doing my senior capstone research in trauma surgery in San Diego. I attended medical school at the University of Colorado. My work in Peru and Guatemala fueled my passion for Global health. On my days off I can be found outside running, skiing, tubing the river or spending time with my husband and in-laws.

Why I Chose Michigan?

After doing research in Pediatrics (CHEAR) at Michigan I saw how many people are so happy working at Michigan for so many years! I love that my family lives 1 mile away (!) and all the fun activities that Ann Arbor offers such as the Huron River cascades and plentiful running and biking trails.

AlperinTracey Alperin

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2010, Cornell University
Medical School - M.D., 2016, Georgetown University School of Medicine


About Me

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio before attending Cornell University for my undergraduate degree in Human Biology, Health, and Society. After graduation, I moved to Boston where I completed my dietetic internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and then worked as a Registered Dietitian. Two years later, I found myself in DC for medical school at Georgetown University. It was a great ten years on the East Coast, but I am thrilled to be back in the Midwest for residency. Outside of medicine, I enjoy cooking, staying active, and spending time with my husband and our Yorkie mix Riley. In my future career, I am most interested in primary care and medical education, but I am definitely keeping an open mind.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose the University of Michigan because it offered high caliber training in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics while also providing the benefit of being close to family. I was also impressed with the supportive culture of residents and faculty alike. It took a little convincing for my husband, an Ohio State alum, to venture across enemy lines, but once we bought our house from a fellow Buckeye, I knew we would be just fine!

Jon BenderJonathan Bender

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2011, University of Louisville
Medical School - M.D., 2016, University of Michigan Medical School


About Me

After growing up in Northern Kentucky, I attended the University of Louisville, where I majored in Biology and French. Following graduation, I deferred matriculation to undertake 9 months of breast cancer research in France with the support of a Fulbright Grant (finally answering my science professors' question, "Just what are you going to do with a major in French?"). I attended the University of Michigan Medical School and quickly became enamored by Ann Arbor. On my days off, I enjoy running, kayaking down the Huron River, cooking, hosting dinner parties with my family and friends, and attempting DIY projects that are vastly above my skill level. Clinically I am interested in caring for adolescents and young adults with cancer, along with long-term survivorship among adults treated for malignancies as children.

Why I Chose Michigan?

When looking for a Medicine-Pediatrics program, I sought an institution that offered its residents flexibility to chart their own courses, provided strong research and clinical programs in both Medicine and Pediatrics, and placed an emphasis on promoting work-life balance among its residents. After completing the interview trail, I realized that I did not need to look far for my ideal residency program - I had been there all along!

CobbAshley Cobb

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2010, University of San Diego
Graduate School - MSPH, 2015, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Medical School - M.D., 2016, Mayo Medical School


About Me

I’m a proud Oregonian (go Ducks!), born and raised just outside of Portland. In fact, most of my extended family still lives within a 10 minute radius of one another! For college I went to the University of San Diego where I majored in Biochemistry. In college I was an RA, was active in the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity (about as cool as it sounds) and did water quality work in Baja California Sur and Uganda. After graduation I volunteered as an AmeriCorps member back in Oregon where I worked with low-income and minority high school students in an after-school program promoting health careers. From there I left the west coast and went to medical school at Mayo in Rochester, MN - where I learned what negative 50 windchill feels like. During medical school I took a year off and got my MPH at UNC-Chapel Hill in Maternal and Child Health and feel that it was absolutely the best decision I've ever made. I am interested in primary care, hospital medicine, adolescent medicine and palliative care at this point. Hopefully I'll be able to narrow that a bit in the next few years ;) I chose Med-Peds because I couldn't imagine not taking care of adults and kids and obstetrics just wasn't for me. In my free time I love hosting parties, cooking, exploring outside, spending time with my significant other (who moved here from the South!) and dreaming of soon having a dog! I love Ann Arbor so far and can't wait for the next four years!

Why I Chose Michigan?

Choosing Med/Peds was sort of a leap of faith. I didn’t have any Med/Peds mentors to show me the way and so having a large, diverse and highly present Med/Peds faculty was one of the most important factors in my decision. The faculty here are accessible and have a wide variety of practices including outpatient primary care, hospital medicine, combined-subspecialty, involvement in global public health, and more! Aside from this factor, I absolutely loved the residents here and felt they didn’t take themselves too seriously and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. My fellow interns this year are amazing and although we try not to be cliquey, we can’t help it because we like each other! Ann Arbor is also a really great place to live and has all the things I love- great food, beer, coffee and lots of outdoor activities!


CooneyRyan Cooney

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., University of Notre Dame
Medical School - M.D., 2016, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit and have to say that I am excited to finally be back in the mitten! I attended the University of Notre Dame for college (Go Irish!) where I majored in Pre-Professional Science and Spanish, and was fortunate to spend a summer working and studying abroad in Spain. After college, I moved to Chicago where I completed medical school at Loyola while finding some time to take advantage of the wide variety of restaurants, museums, sporting events, and beaches that the Windy City has to offer. I am an avid Notre Dame football fan and proud supporter of Detroit's many (mostly terrible) sports teams. I love being active, and you'll most often find me jogging around the city, playing a game of flag football or soccer, or waterskiing on my lake in Canada. If not, I'm probably baking an elaborate dessert or eating anything chocolate that I can find. I fell in love with Med-Peds during my third year of medical school and see myself pursuing a career in one of the combined subspecialties, where I can help to bridge the gap in the transition of care from childhood to adulthood for patients with a chronic disease.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose Michigan because, above all, I just got that "feeling" when I was here for my interview day! It offered the benefit of being close to my friends and family while also having everything I was looking for in a residency - strong programs in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, a uniquely supportive environment (both professionally and personally), residents who are incredibly smart yet still down-to-earth, and a city that offers a wide array of fun things to do.


HautmanEmily Hautman

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2012, University of Cincinnati
Medical School - M.D., 2016, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


About Me

I grew up just a little bit south of Michigan in Cincinnati, Ohio. Don’t worry, I wasn’t raised an Ohio State fan, but coming to Michigan for residency is my first time living outside the Buckeye state. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in Neuroscience and decided to stay in Cincinnati for medical school. Outside of medicine, I like hiking (but not super intense), baking (but not super well), and knitting (which I promise is more interesting than it sounds). I also have been known to binge watch a little too much Netflix while cuddling with my golden retriever-husky mix fur-baby. For my future career, I am leaning towards primary care, but I love that Med-Peds offers the opportunity to specialize if I fall in love with something else during residency!

Why I Chose Michigan?

Honestly, it was the interview day (and the dinner before it) that sold me that Michigan was the right fit for me. It started with a huge resident turnout at dinner and continued with a welcoming program director, a beautiful hospital, and an awesome support team. I knew that I would get a world-class training at Michigan, but the helpful and warm attitudes of everyone I met encouraged me that Michigan was a place I could really thrive. When I heard about the opportunities for primary care and the amazing benefits provided by the House Officers Association, I was sold!

NugaAdewunmi Nuga

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 1999, Concord University
Graduate School - PH.D., 2007, University of Michigan
Medical School - M.D., 2016, Oakland University WIlliam Beaumont School of Medicine


About Me

Hi there! I was born and mostly raised in Nigeria, but I have been proud to call Michigan home for the past 17 years. I am pretty much a native Michigander now - I even use my hand to describe places on a map. Before moving to Michigan, I was a West Virginian (another state that permits the use of one's hand as a map), where I went to Concord University, and got my undergraduate degree in Biology. My first job as a college graduate was as a research technician here at UM. I fell in love with science and research, and decided to pursue a PhD, which I also did at UM. After my PhD in Microbiology & Immunology, I came full circle, back to my first love - Medicine. I had the great fortune to be a part of the second graduating class from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Being a Physician-Scientist really is the best of both worlds. I decided on a career in Medicine-Pediatrics because I enjoy caring for patients of all ages. Plus, Med-Peds is also the best of both worlds. I spend most of my hours not spent at work with my wonderful family - My husband, and my two boys (10 and 7). I also really enjoy going to movies, reading, exploring local parks, and dining at new (and old) area restaurants.

Why I Chose Michigan?

It is a fantastic, strong program, with amazing and supportive leadership. The residents, faculty and staff are the best. I get all of this without having to move!

Kelli PaiceKelli Paice

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Medical School - M.D., 2016, University of Massachusetts Medical School


About Me

Though you might not hear it in my voice, I'm a Massachusetts girl born and raised. I grew up in Mansfield, a town in the southeastern part of the state. Before college, I developed some pretty spectacular (though regrettably asymmetrical) biceps scooping ice cream on a local farm and still consider myself quite the connoisseur of frozen dairy products to this day. For my undergraduate studies, I ventured down south to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Along with a degree in geography and public health, I acquired a healthy appreciation for Carolina blue skies, shrimp and grits, and of course, Tar Heel basketball. I went back to Massachusetts for medical school at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, a wicked awesome city which some (few) call the "Paris of the New Millennium." While in med school, I had amazing experiences in both pediatrics and geriatrics. After spending a lot of time trying to figure out which I liked better, I decided to choose both and do a residency in Med-Peds!

Why I Chose Michigan?

I had never actually been to Michigan before, but I was really excited to come out to Ann Arbor for my interview. Michigan fit my criteria of a program with strength in both medicine and pediatrics, and everyone I talked to who had ever trained at Michigan or lived in Ann Arbor raved about the program and the city. It was the interview day that really sold me - the residents and faculty I met were incredibly laid back, confidently intelligent, and fun to be around.


Broome, TaylorTAylor M. Broome

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2013, College of William and Mary
Medical School - M.D., 2017, Duke University School of Medicine


About Me

I was born in North Carolina and grew up on a cattle farm in southern Virginia. I went to undergrad at William & Mary (Go Tribe!) and medical school at Duke University. I love musical theatre and I wrote/directed "Doc of Ages" in my third year of medical school. I am a huge animal lover and I have two cats named Sterling and Starbuck. My hobbies include napping, gardening, baking, and Netflix.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose U of M because it is strong in both pediatrics and medicine, thus having an excellent med-peds program. Additionally the people I met on my interview were smart, kind, and down to earth. U of M really takes care of its residents and that was the kind of place I wanted to be. Also, Ann Arbor is a pretty cool place to live! Now if they could just do something about the winters...

Raglow, ZoeZoe M. Raglow

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2010, University of Kansas
Medical School - M.D., 2017, Georgetown University School of Medicine


About Me

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, where I majored in French and Biology, and spent a summer abroad in Strasbourg, France. After graduation, I did basic and clinical research in hepatology before starting medical school at the University of Kansas. I fell in love with both medicine and pediatrics during my third year of medical school, so Med-Peds was the perfect fit for me. In my free time I love binging on Netflix, doing crossword puzzles, and watching Jeopardy (just waiting on my AARP card), and I dream of owning an extra-large, fluffy dog. Right now, my future career interest is in hematology/oncology.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I wanted a residency with strong categorical programs, but which also had a unique Med/Peds identity, in a big academic program which could offer a lot to its residents. I knew Michigan fit all those criteria before my interview, but it was the interview day that really convinced me. The residents were warm, engaging, and bright, the program director was inspiring, and the environment was so supportive. Plus getting to live in Ann Arbor is a great bonus!

Schaffer-White, ArielleArielle T. Schaffer-White

Undergraduate Degree - B.A., 2011, Lewis & Clark College
Medical School - M.D., 2017, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine


About Me

I grew up in Santa Ynez, a small town in central California. I attended college at Lewis & Clark College in Portland Oregon, majoring in Biology with a minor in Gender Studies. I loved the Pacific Northwest so stayed after graduation working as a nanny and a medical scribe. I met my husband in Portland and convinced him to move with my temperamental cat and me to San Francisco to attend medical school at UCSF. Outside of medicine I love to garden, cook, and explore the outdoors.

Why I Chose Michigan?

Initially I was drawn to the program due to the strength of each of the categorical programs and for how well rounded the Med-Peds program felt. When I interviewed it was the culture of the program that impressed me most. The residents were friendly, down to earth, knew one another well, and created a very supportive atmosphere that felt different from other programs I visited. My husband and I also loved the size and accessibility of Ann Arbor with all of the outdoor activities and great restaurants to explore outside of work.

Smith, EricaErica M. SMith

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2009, University of Michigan
Medical School - M.D., 2017,Wayne State University school of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit and love Michigan so much, I just can't seem to leave! I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad where I majored in Neuroscience and then spent the next 4 years completing medical school in Detroit at Wayne State University. I fell in love with both medicine and pediatrics during my third year of medical school, so Med-Peds was the perfect fit for me. When I'm not at the hospital, I love to golf, hike, try out all of the yoga studios around town, watch "The Bachelor" with my co-residents, and eat all of the delicious food in Ann Arbor!

Why I Chose Michigan?

Michigan had everything I was looking for in a residency program. Not only are the categorical programs strong on both sides, but there is a strong Med/Peds presence and community. On my interview day, the people I met were warm, fun and down-to-earth, and it was clear that I would get top-notch training in a supportive environment at UM. Plus, Ann Arbor is an amazing city with everything I love- lots of outdoor activities, coffee, beer, food, and a great football team! Go Blue!

Wang, AmyAmy C. Wang

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., Northwestern University
Medical School - M.D., 2017, Rush Medical College


About Me

I grew up all over the place, from rural China to the mountains of Utah to the very flat farms of Wisconsin. Home is Chicago, where my parents live now and where I did undergrad at Northwestern and med school at Rush. I took some time off between to teach high schoolers biology and calculus (or I tried anyway). When I'm not in the hospital, I like to collect cookbooks and bake, do hot yoga, hang out with my dog Parker, or be outside running, hiking, pretending to know how to garden, and patio drinking. One of my new favorite things is Sporcle trivia, and it is near impossible to win in Ann Arbor but I am deadset on doing this once during residency. Other goals include pursuing GI, and I am passionate about global health and community engagement with at risk communities.

Why I Chose Michigan?

There was an instant connection and gut feeling I had about Michigan from my interview day. I really think it came down to the people I met, and the collaborative and warm culture really stood out to me. I knew I wanted a med-peds program that had strong, rigorous categorical programs but also its own unique med-pedsy vibe. I also wanted an institution with a wide catchment area that would give me exposure to all type of patients from a variety of backgrounds. Michigan definitely met these expectations and then some! On my interview day, it was apparent that the residents at U of M are valued, supported, and also challenged to critically evaluate patients, to be curious and thoughtful clinicians. On top of that, Ann Arbor is a lively, beautiful town with the typical Midwestern charm that makes me feel instantly at home. I am also really happy to be part of an institution with a stellar football team (sorry, Wildcats). Go blue!

Wilson, StevenSteven J. Wilson

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2012, University of Michigan
Medical School - M.D., 2017, University of Michigan Medical School


About Me

I grew up in a small township about an hour northeast of Ann Arbor. After matriculating at the University of Michigan, I studied cellular and molecular biology and conducted cancer research through the Department of Urology before enrolling in medical school at the University of Michigan. Throughout both my childhood and college years, I was very involved in sports, especially football. I live with my girlfriend, Alex, who graduated from both the undergraduate and law programs at U of M, and is currently an attorney in downtown Ann Arbor. We enjoy exploring the variety of restaurants downtown, seeing family/friends, exercising, and spending time with our German Shepherd named Sam.

Why I Chose Michigan?

There are countless reasons why I chose the University of Michigan for internal medicine/pediatrics residency, but the simplest explanation is that Ann Arbor is home. It was also very important to me that I have the opportunity to work at a large academic center with great people, rigorous training, and a culture of collegiality/teamwork. I couldn't be more thrilled to spend my next four years here and while I don't know what the future holds, I'm excited for the opportunities ahead!

Wytiaz, VictoriaVictoria Wytiaz

Undergraduate Degree - B.A. & B.S., 2013, University of Pittsburgh
Medical School - M.D., 2017, Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine


About Me

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I am one of those Pittsburgh people that will mention the city and rave about it at every opportunity. I stayed for my undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh where I majored in molecular biology and the history and philosophy of science. I was also a sports reporter for the daily student paper which was great for an avid sports fan like myself (hockey and baseball tied for first, football a close second for me!). I moved across the state for medical school at Temple in Philadelphia where I also earned a master’s degree in urban bioethics. My master’s thesis focused on the dynamic of physicians-as-patients and how the illness experience impacts further practice. I chose med-peds because of the breadth of opportunities for future careers and because of the people…motivated, fun and amazing clinicians. Outside of medicine, I try to catch as many Pirates, Steelers and Penguins games as I can. I am also on a mission to find the best brunch and ice cream places everywhere I go.

Why I Chose Michigan?

I had never been within the state borders before my interview, but I could sense Michigan was a great fit from that first experience. The health system has an incredible reputation and I was struck by the balance between innovative research and technological advancements and compassionate patient care. There is most definitely a culture here that promotes learning and improvement and I knew I would be challenged every day as a resident, by both faculty and my talented peers. The Michigan med-peds program is also well-respected throughout the institution and coming from a medical school without med-peds, it was important for me to feel this sense of welcome. I am excited to be a part of this exciting community!

Zakutansky, StephaniStephani K. Zakutansky

Undergraduate Degree - B.S., 2013, Duke University
Medical School - M.D., 2017, University of Washington School of Medicine


About Me

I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana, and spent as much time as possible swimming and playing out on Lake Michigan. I moved to North Carolina to study global health and marine biology at Duke, before heading west for medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle. Thanks to the WWAMI program, I explored my interest underserved medicine through rotations in rural Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. At this point, I'm excited about global and rural health, health systems strengthening, transition care, and storytelling in medicine. Not sure where that's all going to lead quite yet! Outside of the hospital, I love biking, cooking, taking care of my tenuous herb garden, live music, climbing at the local rock wall, and finding new adventures with my co-residents!

Why I Chose Michigan?

I chose Michigan Med/Peds for a number of reasons. I felt a connection with the people that I met on my interview day, faculty and residents alike. They were thoughtful, smart, and down-to-earth. I also wanted a program that was strong on both sides, with a Med/Peds community to boot. I knew I'd get great teaching, work at a top-notch hospital, and find a supportive community here. And lastly, I wanted a program with opportunities to get involved in advocacy work, community engagement, and global health.