The Role and Mission of the Overseas Travel Clinic

Our Overseas Travel Clinic is available by appointment for anyone seeking advice before traveling to destinations that may present challenges to the traveler's health. Our travel nurses have access to the latest information concerning health risks and vaccine requirements for specific destinations, worldwide. Based on a traveler's specific itinerary, the travel nurse can provide targeted preventive advice, required and/or recommended immunizations, and prescriptions for the prevention and treatment of health problems encountered at the destination. These services are intended to promote, as much as can be assured, travel that is unencumbered by illness or disability. Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Prophylaxis for malaria tailored to the traveler's itinerary.

    • Self-treatment for traveler's diarrhea, also tailored for the common causes at the travelers' destination.

    • Updating of routine childhood and adult immunizations

    • Immunization with specialized vaccines required or recommended for travel to certain countries or regions. As a certified travel clinic, we will provide the traveler with an official World Health Organization (WHO) immunization card to be used as proof of immunization upon entry into countries with specific requirements.

    • Advice concerning:

      -- physical safety at foreign destinations

      -- precautions concerning food and drink

      -- prevention of insect-borne diseases

      -- risk of altitude sickness and preventive measures

      -- hazards associated with specific recreational activities abroad.

Returning travelers who develop medical problems abroad are encouraged to contact our clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The Overseas Travel Clinic is operated in conjunction with our Infectious Diseases Clinic, which is staffed by certified subspecialists with training in geographic medicine.