Local Travel at Your Destination:

a few practical suggestions

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When in an automobile, always wear seat-belts. (Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death during foreign travel).

When possible, avoid trips in "bush taxis." These vehicles are called by different names in different countries, but they are usually vans that have been outfitted with rows of passenger seats. They may serve as local transportation within a city or between cities and towns. Some vehicles are in poor repair. Some drivers overcrowd the van with passengers to earn more fares. As a result, these vehicles are less safe than full size busses for intercity travel.

Avoid road trips at night.

In most foreign cities, it is a good idea to negotiate a taxi fare to your destination before getting into the vehicle. It also helps to know the appropriate fare in advance, but this information is best obtained from a trusted local contact before you travel. It also helps to have money in small enough denominations so that you can pay the driver with the exact fare and tip.

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