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Dr. Carol Chenoweth

Description of Research: Carol Chenoweth

Our research centers around the epidemiology of healthcare associated infections and antibiotic resistant organisms:

Healthcare-associated infections
The major focus of our research has been the epidemiology and prevention of hospital associated infections in high risk patient populations. Our analysis of candidemia in a children’s hospital identified that hyperalimentation was an independent risk factor for candidemia in children. In a similar type of study, mucositis was identified as the key risk factor for the development of anaerobic bacteremia in bone marrow transplant recipients. Two cohort studies have highlighted the prevalence of nosocomial infections in patients undergoing high risk procedures, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or left ventricular assist devices. We have two current studies near completion on healthcare-associated infections in the home setting.

Emerging antibiotic resistance
We have an interest in antibiotic resistant organisms in community and hospital pathogens, especially antibiotic resistant enterococci. A study of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus colonization in patients awaiting liver transplantation is in final stages of manuscript preparation. In addition, we are participating in a multicenter study to evaluate efficacy of control measures for prevention of spread of vancomycin-resistant enterococci and methicillin-resistant staphylococci in the ICU setting.

Recent Publications

Rasheed JK, Biddle JW, Anderson KF, Washer L, Chenoweth C, Perrin J, Newton DW, Patel JB. Detection of KPC-1 Carbapenem-hydrolyzing enzyme in clinical isolates of Citrobacer freundii and Klebsiella oxytoca carrying a common plasmid. J Clin Microbiol 46 (6):2066-2069, 2008.

Rogers MAM, Mody L, Chenoweth C, Kaufman SR, Saint S. Incidence of antibiotic-resistant infection in long-term residents of skilled nursing facilities. Am J Infect Contr 36 (7): 472-475, 2008.

Charters M, Cheng AL, Esaki RK, Kuo AS, Neal J, Thawani JP, Chenoweth C. The impact of a screensaver in promoting hand hygiene. Am J Infect Control 2009;37(10):867-68.

Shuman EK, Washer LL, Arndt JL, Zalewski CA, Hyzy RC, Napolitano LM, Chenoweth CE. Analysis of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in the Intensive Care Unit after Implementation of Central Line Bundles. Infect Contr Hosp Epidemiol 31 (5): 551-553, 2010.

Shuman EK, Chenoweth CE. Recognition and prevention of healthcare-associated urinary tract infections in the intensive care unit. Crit Care Med 38 (8): S373-S379 Suppl. S, 2010.

Zhu WM, Murray PR, Huskins WC, Jernigan JA, McDonald LC, Clark NC, Anderson KF, McDougal LK, Hageman JC, Olsen-Rasmussen M, Frace M, Alangaden GJ, Chenoweth C, Zervos MJ, Robinson-Dunn B, Schreckenberger PC, Reller LB, Rudrik JT, Patel JB. Dissemination of an Enterococcus Inc18-Like vanA Plasmid Associated with Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Antimicrob Agents Chemother  54 (10): 4314-4320, 2010.

Sihler KC, Chenoweth C, Zalewski C, Wahl W, Hyzy R, Napolitano LM. Catheter-Related vs. Catheter-Associated Blood Stream Infections in the Intensive Care Unit: Incidence, Microbiology, and Implications. Surgical Infect 11 (6): 529-534, 2010.

Chenoweth CE, Saint S. Urinary Tract Infections. Infect Dis Clin North Amer 25 (1): 103-+, 2011.

Cherry-Bukowiec JR, Denchev K, Dickinson S, Chenoweth CE, Zalewski C, Meldrum C, Sihler KC, Brunsvold ME, Papadimos TJ, Park PK, Napolitano LM. Prevention of Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infection: Back to Basics? Surg Infect 12 (1): 27-32, 2011.

Miller MA, Arndt JL, Konkle MA, Chenoweth CE, Iwashyna TJ, Flaherty KR, Hyzy RC. A polyurethane cuffed endotracheal tube is associated with decreased rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia. J Crit Care 26 (3): 280-286, 2011.

Shaughnessy MK, Micielli RL, DePestel DD, Arndt J, Strachan CL, Welch KB, Chenoweth CE. Evaluation of Hospital Room Assignment and Acquisition of Clostridium difficile Infection. Infect Contr Hosp Epidemiol 32 (3): 201-206, 2011.

Cinti S, Haas K, Paliani P, Newton D, Wright C, Zalewski C, Holmes JG, Dwyer S, Friedman C, Chenoweth C. Efficacy of Surveillance for 2009 H1N1 Pandemic within a Healthcare System. Infect Contr Hosp Epidemiol 32 (8): 811-814, 2011.

Rogers MAM, Blumberg N, Heal JM, Kuhn L, Greene MT, Shuman E, Chenoweth CE, Chang R, Saint S. Role of Transfusion in the Development of Urinary Tract-Related Bloodstream Infection. Arch Int Med 171 (17): 1587-1589, 2011.

Chang R, Greene MT, Chenoweth CE, Kuhn L, Shuman E, Rogers MAM,
Saint S. Epidemiology of Hospital-Acquired Urinary Tract-Related Bloodstream Infection at a University Hospital. Infect Contr Hosp Epidemiol 32 (11):1127-1129, 2011.


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