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Clinical Trials

Be sure to visit the University of Michigan’s main gateway to clinical research trials:


There you can find trials actively recruiting at U of M and general information about research and how to participate.

For specific information on HIV research you can also speak with your medical provider at your next appointment or research personnel at 734-647-9830

Current Research Seeking HIV+ Individuals

Molecular Mechanisms of HIV Disease Pathogenesis I

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health

Goal: On therapy viral load decreases, but once stopped viral load becomes high again. Where is the virus waiting in the body when is it “undetectable” in the blood? This study suggests it may be bone marrow.

Method: A sample of bone marrow is taken from the hip. Requires a 1 hour visit in the hospital for the procedure.

Recruiting: 10 people with viral load over 50,000 c/mL and no serious illness.

IMPACT: I50L mutation on a failed Reyataz (atazanavir) regimen

Sponsor: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Goal: Therapy can become ineffective due to the development of resistance when the virus mutates to get around the drug. Tests like a genotype can detect these mutations and provide your doctor information for a better regimen for you. This study suggests one specific mutation called the I50L substitution occurs with Reyataz, and seeks to better understand treatment options.

Method: A blood sample is taken to test. Requires 1 blood draw in Taubman Center.

Recruiting: People taking Reyataz with a viral load over 1,000 c/mL.


Sponsor: Pfizer

Goal: Long term data collection on the FDA approved Maraviroc. To track the rates of •CDC Category C Opportunistic Infections •Viral encephalitis •All malignancies •Liver failure •Myocardial infarction or ischemia •Rhabdomyolysis •Death from any cause.

Method: There are no special appointments. Patients come to their normal clinical appointments in Taubman Center and the data is collected from the medical record.

Recruiting: Any patient in need of salvage therapy considering Maraviroc.


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