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Geographic Localization of MFH to Promote MDR

A description of the main goals of the initiative:

This project aims to improve the distribution of MFH patients and to potentially localize them onto a single unit for a single team.  This may enable increased and enhanced communication with other medical professionals and enable true multi-disciplinary rounding (MDR).  This will be accomplished via coordination with Admissions and Bed Control Center (ABCC) as well as the emergency department (ED).

A brief discussion of the scope of the project, and the interventions and metrics, if appropriate:

Distribution of MFH patients (how many different units/floors for each MFH team)
Ability of MFH to perform MDR (% of MDs who perform this, possible survey on its usefulness)
Wait time for ED patients


Prioritization of MFH patients to be triaged to specific units, Initiation of localization of MFH teams on those units (this could include re-sorting or shuffling patients), educational campaign to increase awareness of MDR, coordination with RNs and other services to perform MDRs

Participants: Jeff Rohde



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