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Scott Flanders
Scott Flanders, MD, Director, Hospitalist Program
Laurence McMahon
Laurence McMahon
, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of General Medicine

Vikas Parekh,
MD, Associate Director

Robert Chang
Robert Chang, MD, Director, Medicine Faculty Hospitalists


Anita Amin, MD
Monee Amin, MD
Mansoor Arain, MD
Robbie Bagwell, MD
Andrew Barnosky, DO, MPH
Aaron Berg, MD
Dan Berland, MD
David Bozaan, MD
Anna Burke, DO
Timothy Capecchi, MD
Robert Chang, MD
Lena Chen, MD
Stephen Chiang, MD
Daniel Cho, MD
Vineet Chopra, MD
Stephanie Czarnik, MD
Sharmistha Dev, MD
Derek Dimcheff, MD
David Ding, MD
Chinedu Ejike, MD
Brian Emmer, MD
Parastu Emrani,
Rawden Evans, MD
Joshua Evron, MD
Tristan Feierabend, MD
Paul Fine, MD
Scott Flanders, MD
Anupama Goyal, MD
Julieann Grant, MD, PhD
Paul Grant, MD
Jenna Greenberg, MD
Ashwin Gupta, MD
Jason Ham, MD
Anita Hart, MD
Sarah Hartley,
Lauren Heidemann, MD
Amy Hepper, MD
Nathan Houchens, MD
John Hunter, MD
Min Jiang, MD
Sonal Kamalia, MD
Rafina Khateeb, MD
Hae-Won Kim, MD
Jessie King, MD, PhD
Sweta Kochhar, MD
Mark Kolbe, MD
Alexis Lopez, MD
Michael Lukela, MD
Matthew Luzum, MD, MPH
Megan Mack, MD
Nasir Malik, MD
Priya Malik, MD
Poorni Manohar, MD
Liana Marquis, MD
Jessie Marshall, MD, MPH
Mark A. McQuillan, MD
Obsinet Merid, MD
Daniel Mitzel
, MD
Brian Nao, MD
Satyen Nichani, MD
Joe Norman, MD, PhD
Jashan Octain, MD
Kevin O'Reilly, DO
David Paje, MD
Vikas Parekh, MD
Robert Paretti, MD
Christopher Petrilli, MD
Anna Arroyo Plasencia, MD
William Repaskey, MD
Jeffrey Rohde, MD
Sanjay Saint, MD
D'Anna Saul, MD
Katie Scally, MD
RJ Schildhouse, MD
Janet Schlaff, MD
Lobna Shahatto, MD
Aaron Silver, MD
Vijay Singh, MD
Karolina Skrzypek, MD
Jeffrey Smith, MD
Julie Steinbrink, MD
David Stephenson, MD, MS
David Stewart, MD
Jennifer Stojan, MD
Porama Thanaporn, MD
Robert Ulrich, MD
Staci Valley, MD
Valerie Vaughn, MD
Jennifer Vredeveld, MD
Denege Ward, MD
Jeff Wargo, MD
David Wesorick, MD
Jared Wilkinson, MD
Tingting Xiong, MD
Adam Zahr, MD

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