Medical Education

The Division faculty actively participate in medical student teaching, providing clinical mentoring while serving as attending physicians on the Division's subspecialty services at the University of Michigan's hospitals and at the VA Medical Center and providing clinical mentorship to M3 students in our ambulatory clinics.

Dr. Paula Bockenstedt is the leader for the Hematology/Oncology M2 Sequence. This sequence represents a two week educational initiative in which 16 members of the Division faculty provided 95 hours of lecture, small group, and laboratory teaching.

Many Division faculty serve as participants on fellows' mentorship committees, designed to promote the career development activities of our fellows. The Division offers a core curriculum on topics related to specific disease entities in hematology and oncology as supplemented by a journal club, clinical case conference, morbidity and mortality conference, core curriculum conference, and a clinical case discussion conference, for subspecialty trainees.

The core curriculum includes a 25 week Introduction to Clinical Research Workshop, with a broadened academic career development component. Topics include the development of clinical research protocols, biostatistical analysis of clinical research data, regulatory requirements for conduct of clinical research, grantsmanship skills, oral presentation skills, effective writing skills, perspectives on laboratory-, clinical-, translational- and industry-investigation careers, etc