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Weight Management Program


Overview of the Program

Patients are prescribed a low-calorie diet that may include meal replacements during the first three months. After achieving weight loss, patients will be maintained on a low-calorie diet using everyday foods tailored to their personal preferences. Patients are given guidance about nutrition, portion sizes, and how to track their food intake. These resources will help patients maintain their weight loss after completion of the program.

Physical Activity
An exercise physiologist is available upon request to help you to develop an exercise program to assist with weight maintenance (there may be a fee incurred).

It is the patient's responsibility to check with his/her insurance provider to determine if the program costs, specifically "nutrition services," are a covered benefit.  The program is covered by the following insurance providers:  Health Alliance Plan (HAP), Priority Health, BCN-HBL (by letter of invitation only).  Patients may be required to get a referral from their primary care physician.

In addition, patients may be responsible for insurance co-pays for office visits and prescription medications. Costs for meal replacements that are employed as part of the individual weight loss program are also the responsibility of the patient.


To apply for this program, please do the following:


1. Review the ORIENTATION to the Weight Management Program:  

Orientation [Powerpoint]   OR    Orientation [PDF]

2. Then take this Self-Assessment QUIZ:

3 Record the confirmation number:

Please record the confirmation number that you receive after you have passed the self-assessment quiz, and provide this to the appointment scheduler to prove that you reviewed the orientation information and passed the quiz.

4. Complete the Initial Evaluation Form and the Questionnaires: