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Metabolism, Obesity and Exercise Studies

Seeking Participants

"Treatment for lipodystrophy related to diabetes mellitus"

IRB Number: HUM00021139
(click on the IRB# to see full study description in the UM Clinical Studies Database)

Principal Investigator: Elif A. Oral, MD
Study Coordinator: Adam Neidert, (734) 615-0539 or


* Age Range: From 5 to 100 years
* Gender: Male & Female
* Ethnicity: All
* Race: All
* Smoking: Both Smoking and Non Smoking Volunteers
* Medication: No Restriction
* This study is seeking: patients with specified condition

Other Eligibility Factors:

o Cannot have infectious liver disease
o Diagnosed with either diabetes mellitus or hypertriglycerdemia
o HIV negative
o Have a calculated renal clearence >40 mL/min
o Have no known allegries to E. coli-derived proteins
o Physician confirmed lipodystrophy
o Women cannot be pregnant
o Women of childbearing potential must practice appropriate birth control

Compensation: None

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