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dr elif oralAriel Barkan, M.D.

Ariel Barkan, M.D., elected to Pituitary Society's board of directors

ANN ARBOR, February 2010 — Ariel Barkan, M.D., has been elected to the board of directors of the Pituitary Society in the international organization’s first election. Dr. Barkan was one of four new directors elected by the membership, in this first phase of the Society’s transition from an appointed board of 12 members to an elected board. The position carries a four-year term.

Board members are responsible for making policy and fulfilling the intended purposes of the Society, for the election of directors, and for broadening the support and understanding of the need for research and education concerning pituitary disorders. The board has the final decision on any matter concerning the activities of the Society.

In congratulating Dr. Barkan, Paolo Beck-Peccoz, M.D., president of the Pituitary Society and director of the School of Endocrinology, University of Milan, Italy, noted that, “The ballot had a high caliber of candidates nominated…[and] we had an excellent turnout of members who voted.”

Since its establishment 20 years ago, the Pituitary Society has been dedicated to furthering the understanding of diseases of the pituitary gland. Its membership is comprised of researchers and clinicians worldwide whose major interest is in pituitary diseases. The Society disseminates information and serves as a clearing house for members, as well as to provide general, authoritative information on the pituitary gland and its diseases for patients and their families and friends.

Dr. Barkan holds the titles of Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes (MEND); Professor of Neurosurgery; Co-Director, Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Center; and Director of the MEND Fellowship Program at the University of Michigan Medical School.