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CORENTIN CRAS-MÉNEUR – “Notch competes to control the fate of the islet progenitors

GÖKHAN DALGIN – “Differential levels of zebrafish NeuroD are required to establish endocrine pancreas cell fates

MINGYU LI – “FGF1 mediates overnutrition-induced beta cell differentiation

LYNDA ELGHAZI – “Role of nutrients and mTOR signaling in regulation of pancreatic progenitors development

KRISHNA PRASADAN – “Exendin-4 treatment in utero leads to precocious endocrine development and diabetes in adult mice

BRIGID GREGG – “Programming effects of metformin exposure in the setting of normal and protein-restricted gestation



YOUSEF EL-GOHARY – “Pancreatic ducts are a source of new beta cells during regeneration

JENNIFER SCHRAMM – “CENPB and Cyclin A2 are direct transcriptional targets of FoxM1 in human islet

GABRIELLA CASINELLI – “Defining the cell cycle “phenotype” of a replicating beta cell

RACHEL WILLS – “The Phosphatase Cdc25a and the kinase Wee1 are new critical regulators of beta cell replication

EMILYN ALEJANDRO – “Levels of mTOR Complex-1 activation in pancreatic beta-cells determine responses to diabetogenic conditions

JAMES DUTTON – “Direct reprogramming of bile duct cells to glucose-sensitive insulin expressing cells that restore glucose homeostasis in diabetic mice



ALLISON BRILL – “The role of EP3 receptor splice variants in insulinoma cell function

HARPREET BRAR – “Pharmacological studies of the G-alpha-z-Coupled E prostanoid receptor

GAETANO SANTULLI – “Fixing endoplasmic reticulum defective calcium handling in pancreatic beta cell failure: In vivo and ex vivo studies

DAVID JACOBSON – “Inhibition of pancreatic beta-cell CaMKII reduces glucose-stimulated calcium influx and insulin secretion, impairing glucose tolerance

MICHAEL LAWRENCE – “Calcineurin/Nuclear Factor of Activated T-cells target mitogen-activated protein kinases to gene promoters in pancreatic islets

BLAKE HEATH – “Resistance to diet induced type 2 diabetes in regulator of G protein signaling (Rgs8/16) double knockout mice

RAMKUMAR MOHAN – “miR-483, a novel microRNA expressed in pancreatic beta cells but not in alpha cells

XIN TONG – “Post-transcriptional regulation of SERCA2b expression in the pancreatic beta cell

AMELIA LINNEMANN – “Cholecystokinin is regulated in beta cells by GLP-1 and GIP as part of an intraislet incretin signaling axis

EMILYN ALEJANDRO – “Pancreatic beta-cell overexpression of kinase-dead mechanistic target of rapamycin mutant impairs glucose homeostasis by regulation of insulin secretion

STEPHANIE YODER – “YES, a Src family kinase, is the upstream activator of Cdc42 in ß-cells



JOON HA – Modeling beta-cell life and death in type 2 diabetes”

LEONID FRIDLYAND – “Receptor and second messenger interactions in regulation of insulin secretion: A computational system analysis



SAMREEN SYED – Immunopurification of human pancreatic beta-cell enriched cell populations from human pancreatic islets”

LING-JIA WANG – “Selection in clinical islet transplantation

SONIA RAWAL – “Cryopreservation of pancreatic islets: Optimized method

NORA KAYTON –“NOD-scid Il2rgammanull –RIP-DTR mice: A new model for studying effects of hyperglycemia on human islets in vivo

ADAM KRZYSTYNIAK – “Improvement in the method of coating pancreatic islets with T regulatory cells to create more effective local immunoprotection

JUN CHENG – “Long-term transgene expression mediated by adenovirus in islet transplantation: Characterization and impact

PING GUO“Specific transduction and labeling of pancreatic ducts by targeted recombinant viral infusion into mouse pancreatic ducts”

SHUSHENG LU –“ Microfluidic assays for long-term perfusion culture and chemical monitoring of living cells

NATHAN TRUCHAN – “A low-cost, reproducible, high-throughput method for quantifying single islet insulin secretion

CYNTHIA CIPOLLA – “Microfluidic platforms for simultaneous detection of insulin and calcium in islets of Langerhans

MADHURESH SUMIT – “Modeling and microfluidic analysis of GPCR-dependent calcium oscillations involved in insulin secretion

COLLEEN DUGAN – “Adipochip 2.0: Simultaneous monitoring of fatty acid and glycerol secretion from adipocytes using microfluidic enzyme assays

MATTHEW MERRINS – “Live-Cell measurements of beta cell glycolytic and mitochondrial function: Application to a novel diabetes model

SHUAISHUAI ZHU – “Quantitative imaging of islet insulin content in mouse pancreas

KARTHIK RAMACHANDRAN – “Reaggregated human islets for secondary drug screening

MARISA FISHER – “Detection of islet beta cell death in vivo by multiplex PCR analysis of differentially methylated DNA

CHIYO SHIOTA – “Dre/rox system for islet studies in mice

NATALIA TAMARINA – “Generation of pancreatic beta-cell — specific conditional knockout of Ctnnb1 in mouse using Ins1 gene promoter driven CreERT recombinase

DAVID MORRIS – “Streptozotocin is equally diabetogenic whether administered to fed or fasted mice



LEENA HAATAJA – “Role of the Cys(B19)-Cys(A20) disulfide bond in proinsulin misfolding in the ER of pancreatic beta cells

TING ZHANG – “FoxO1 contributes to beta-cell compensation for insulin resistance and oxidative stress

MASAYUKI HATANAKA – “Palmitate induces blockade of mRNA translational elongation in islet beta cells by inactivation of eEF2

BRYNDON OLESON – “The role of ATM in the beta-cell response to nitric oxide



JOSEPH DAFT – “Antibodies to commensal microbiota are present in murine models of type 1 diabetes”

STEVEN LUNDY – “The emerging role of regulatory B lymphocytes in type 1 diabetes

MARGARET MORRIS – “Global 12/15-Lipoxygenase deficiency leads to increased IL-23 in the pancreas of NOD-alox15 null mice

JORDAN WRIGHT – “Dominant protein interactions that influence the pathogenesis of conformational diseases

TATSUYOSHI KONO – “Pdx-1 loss contributes to beta cell SERCA2 transcriptional dysregulation in type 2 diabetes mellitus

MARIA REMEDI – “The mechanism of beta-cell failure in diabetic glucotoxicity: The role of membrane excitability and calcium

CRISTINA ALARCON – “A marked compensatory upregulation of (Pro)insulin production in db/db mouse islet beta-cells

EMILY SIMS – “Variations in susceptibility to diet-induced obesity between C57BL6/J and C56BLKs/J inbred mouse strains

EMILYN ALEJANDRO – “Pancreatic beta-cell deletion of O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase causes Type 2 diabetes in mice

JOSHUA SCHEYS – “Deletion of Rictor in beta cells impairs insulin secretion

REGINA KULIAWAT – “Parasitism of islets selectively modifies beta-cell’s secretory response



SARAH TERSEY – “Inhibition of ornithine decarboxylase prevents diabetes in type 1 diabetic mouse models

AARTHI MAGANTI – “Pioglitazone improves glycemic control in pre-diabetic NOD mice by decreasing insulitis and ER stress

RENEE PASKER – “Mice deficient in G-alpha-z and treated concurrently with streptozotcin and Exendin-4 are protected from developing diabetes”

AMY ROTHBERG – “Weight reduction normalizes impaired beta cell function in obese adults