Corentin Cras-Méneur

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Research Interest
My original training was focussing on genetics and development. During my postdoctoral fellowship, I shifted towards functional genomics and microarray analysis of the Insulin signaling pathway in the β-cell. This expanded my “horizons” and allowed me to put my computer skills to good use. Since then, I shifted back towards a more development-related center of interest.
Research Assistant Professor

Education & Training
University of Michigan
Research Assistant Professor (2013—current)
Research Investigator (2009—2013)

Washington University School of Medicine
Staff Scientist (2007-2009)
        Project: Notch signaling in the endocrine development
Post Doctoral Research Associate (2002-2007)
        Project: Functional genomics of the β-cell

INSERM U457, Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris, France
PhD in Molecular Genetics of Developmental Diseases and Oncogenesis (1997-2002)
Project: Thesis on the implication of ligands of tyrosine kinase receptor in the early pancreas development