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Medical Grand Rounds


Every Friday at Noon in the Ford Auditorium

Medical Grand Rounds can accessed in real time via interactive video by clicking on the following link at the time of the event:


Online Video Archive for Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Internal UMHS site)


July, 2013
12 Mariana Kaplan, MD (UM Rheum) "Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis: The Role of Autoimmunity"
19 Karen Hall, MD, PhD (UM Geri & Palliative Med)
26 John Coatney, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Aug, 2013
2 Fu Luan, MD (UM Nephrology) “New Onset Diabetes After Transplantation: Challenges and Opportunities"
9 John Wei, MD (UM Urology) "Prostate Cancer Early Detection: Why, How, and What to do"
16 Catherine Kim, MD, MPH (Um Gen Med) "Estrogen and Diabetes:  Where Are We in 2013?"
23 J. Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD (UM Rheum) "Inflammation and Beyond: The Evolving Role of the Inflammasome in Autoimmune Disease"
30 Jamie Votava, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Sept, 2013
6 Dr. Steve Ringel "Academic Hospitals: The Imperative for Performance Improvement"
13 William Herman, MD (UM MEND) “The Global Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes - What Can Be Done to Stem the Tide?”
20 Thomas Wang, MD, PhD, (UM GI, Biomedical Engineering) "New Imaging Approaches for Early Detection and Staging of Esophageal Cancer"
27 Rajesh Patel, MD, MPH (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Oct, 2013
4 Laurence Baker, D.O. (UM Hem/Onc) "Sarcoma Survivorship:  A New Care Model"
11 Kevin Kim, MD (UM Pulm/CC) "Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Potential Targets for Therapy"
18 Dr. Phllip Gorden (NIH ) "Syndromic Insulin Resistance: Models for the Therapeutic Basis of Metabolic Disease"
5th Annual Stefan S. Fajans Lecture in Diabetes
25 Samuel J. Flanders, MD, FAAP (Beaumont Health System) "Utilizing Kaizen for Performance Improvement at Beaumont Health System"
Nov, 2013
1 Gary Lichtenstein, MD (Director of IBD program at Penn) "Optimizing AntiTNF Therapy"
8 Melissa Roberts, MD "Morbidity & Mortality"
15 Joe Elmunzer, MD (UM GI) “Game-Changing Advances in Therapeutic GI Endoscopy”
22 J. Evan Sadler, MD, PhD (Washington University School of Medicine) "Thrombotic Microangiopathy and ADAMTS13"
Dec, 2013
6 Scott Flanders, MD (UM Gen Med/Hospitalist) “Hospital Medicine at Michigan: A Research Agenda for the New Era in Healthcare"
13 Amy Abernethy, MD (Duke University) "Evidence Development and Implementation in Palliative Care - A Learning Health Care Case Study"
20 Rajesh Patel, MD, MPH "Morbidity & Mortality"
Jan, 2014
3 Santhi Ganesh, MD (UM Cardiovascular) "Genetics of Common and Rare Disorders of Arterial Remodeling"
10 James Woolliscroft, MD "Medical Education: Looking Into the Crystal Ball"
17 David Smith, MD (UM Hem/Onc) "Targeting Developmental Signaling Pathways for Cancer Therapy: Phase I Clinical Trials of Anti-Notch and Wnt Antibodies"
24 Kenneth L. McClain, M.D., Ph.D. ( Baylor College of Medicine) "Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: Challenging Diagnosis and Treatment(s)"
31 John Coatney, MD "Morbidity & Mortality"
Feb, 2014

J. Brian Byrd, MD, MS (UM Cardiovascular Medicine) "Resistant Hypertension: Recent Insights into a Common Problem"

14 Andrew JM Boulton, MD. DSc (Hon), FACP, FRCP (University of Manchester) "The Diabetic Foot in 2014 - Where is the Evidence?”
21 Ryan Wilcox, MD, PhD, (UM Hem/Onc) "The T-cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders: Can you really judge a malignant T-cell by the company it keeps?"
28 Melisssa Roberts, MD "Morbidity & Mortality"
Mar, 2014
7 John Piette, MD (UM Gen Med) "High Tech and High Touch - Advances in Mobile Health Systems for Managing Chronic Disease"
14 Amr Sawalha, MD (UM Rheum) "Update on Lupus Genetics"
21 Christine Cassel, MD (Connie J. Standiford, M.D. Improving Clinical Care Delivery: Focus on Quality, Safety and Efficiency Lecture)   "Performance Measurement and the Role of Physicians in Improving Quality of Care."
28 Jamie Votava, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Apr, 2014
4 Annual Floyd Lecture - John C. Marshall, MD, PhD, of University of Virginia "Obesity, Testosterone, Progesterone - the Origins of PCOS?"
11 Stanley L. Hazen, MD, PhD (Cleveland Clinic) "Gut Microbiota and Heart Disease"
18 David M. Nathan, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School) "The Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic: Prevention and Therapy"
25 Raj Patel, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
May, 2014
2 Alan Baptist, MD, MPH (UM Allergy&Immunology)
9 Annual Laurence Baker Lecturer - Dr. Wendy Stock
16 Research Symposium Keynote Speaker
23 Kevin Gregg, MD (UM ID)
30 "Morbidity & Mortality"
Jun, 2014
6 Arun Sanyal, MD (Annual Sherlock Professorship Presentation)

Dr. Andrey S Shaw (Washington University School of Medicine)

27 Robert M. Carey, MD, MACP FAHA, FRCPI (University of Virginia) Inaugural Schteingart Lecture