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Medical Grand Rounds


Every Friday at Noon in the Ford Auditorium

Medical Grand Rounds can accessed in real time via interactive video by clicking on the following link at the time of the event:


Online Video Archive for Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Internal UMHS site)


July, 2014
4 No Conference - Holiday
11 Scott Hummel, MD (UM Cardiovascular Med) "Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: what’s in a name, and what do we do about it?"
18 Valerie Vaughn-Sandler, MD "Morbidity & Mortality"
25 Amir Dan Rubin (Stanford Hospital and Clinics) "Rapid Culture Change at Stanford Hospital and Clinics"
Aug, 2014
1 Barron H. Lerner, M.D., Ph.D. (New York University School of Medicine) "Two Doctors, Two Generations: The Evolution of Medical Ethics"
8 Doug Arenberg, MD (UM Pulm CC) "Lung Cancer Screening: Why Venture into the Rabbit Hole” 
15 Colin Cooke, MD (UM Pulm CC) "Improving Efficiency of Intensive Care Unit Use: Patient to Policy"
22 Elizabeth Jackson, MD (UM Cardiovascular Med) "Overview and Clinical Application of The 2013 ACC/AHA Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines"
29 Pranab Barman, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Sept, 2014
5 Steven Katz, MD (UM Gen Med) "How are treatment decisions made?:  Insights from encounters with breast cancer."
12 Diane Cibrik, MD (UM Neph) “Kidney Transplantation over the Last Sixty Years”
19 Andrew Rhim, MD (UM GI) "Understanding and Exploiting the Idiosyncrasies of Pancreatic Cancer"
26 Gail Larsen, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Oct, 2014
3 Emily Somers, PhD (UM Rheum, Ob/Gyn, Environmental Health Sciences) "Surveillance and Epidemiology of Lupus in Southeastern Michigan and Beyond"
10 Judith James, MD, PhD ( NIH) "Update on Sjogren's Syndrome: More than Dryness"
17 Amy Rothberg, MD (UM MEND) "The UM Weight Management Program: Research Informing Practice, Practice Facilitating Research"
24 Adam Lauring, MD (UM Infectious Diseases) "Vaccines and Antivirals for Influenza: How Can We Do Better?"
31 Daniel Bennet, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Nov, 2014
7 Jennifer Meddings, MD (UM Gen Med) "The Ann Arbor Criteria for Appropriate Urinary Catheter Use in Hospitalized Medical Patients"
14 Christine A. Sinsky, MD / Gradwohl Art of Primary Care Award / Visiting Professor "Joy in Practice: Reconnecting with the Meaning and the Mission of our Work"
21 Gail Larsen, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Dec, 2014
5 Roma Gianchandani, MD (UM MEND) "Controlling Hyperglycemia in the Hospital"
12 David Binion, MD (University of Pittsburgh) "Big Data and IBD: Defining Clinical Challenges and Developing Data Driven Solutions"
19 Pranab Barman, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Jan, 2015
9 William Rainey, PhD (UM Molecular & Integrative Physiology and Internal Medicine) “Origins of Primary Aldosteronism: Lessons Learned from Jerome Conn”
16 Monika Leja, MD (UM Cardiovascular Med) "Introduction to Cardio-oncology or Onco-Cardiology"
23 Jason Knight, MD (UM Rheum) "Antiphospholipid Syndrome:  From Nonsense Nomenclature to Netting Neutrophils"
30 Daniel Bennett, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Feb, 2015
6 Pearl Lee, MD (UM Geriatric & Palliative Med) "Improving Physical Functioning for Older Adults with Diabetes:
The Importance of Tailored Interventions "
13 Eric White, MD (UM Pulm CC) "A Matrix-Based Approach to Understanding Interstitial Lung Disease"
20 Pranab Barman, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
27 AOA Keynote Address - Mark S. Schlissel, M.D., Ph.D. "Lessons from My Past and Thoughts about Our Future"
Mar, 2015
6 Dr. Barbara McAneny, (American Medical Association Board of Trustees) "Health Care: Where are we and Where could we be?"
13 Annual Fekety Lecture - Jeffery K. Taubenberger, M.D., Ph.D. (NIH) "Influenza: From Bench to Bedside and Back Again"
20 Annual C. Standiford Improving Clinical Care Delivery Lecture - Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) "Megatrends: Predictions for the Future of American Health Care"
27 Valerie Vaughn, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Apr, 2015
3 Peter Higgins, MD (UM GI) "Machine Learning in Medicine"
10 Michael Merson, MD (Global Health Institute at Duke) "Global Health: Emerging Issues and Challenges Ahead"
17 Scott Soleimanpour, MD (UM MEND) "Converging Players and Pathways in the Pathogenesis of Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes"
24 Daniel Bennett, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
May, 2015
1 Tadataka Yamada, MD, KBE "Reflections on Leadership in Global Health"
8 Dr. Gary Gibbons (NIH) "Charting our Future Together: Setting an agenda for the NHLBI"
15 Matthias Kretzler, MD (UM Neph) "How to Build a Translational Research Pipeline for Renal Disease: Experiences Across Disciplines and Continents"
22 Gail Larsen, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
29 Jahar Bhattacharya, MD (Columbia) "The Enigma of Acute Lung Injury"
Internal Medicine Research Day Keynote Speaker
Jun, 2015
5 Helena Schotland, MD (UM Pulm/CC)

Dr. Brant Fries (UM IoG)

19 Valerie Vaughn, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
26 Lillian Min, MD (UM Geriatric Med) "Quality of Ambulatory Care for Complex Geriatric Patients"