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November 30 December 4, 2015


MONDAY, November 30

•• Hematology/Oncology Clinical Conference, 8:00am, B1-286 CC, TBA

•• Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, 3201TC, “Communication,” Dr. Burke

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1 C202UH, “Is there a doctor in the house?” Dr. Schmidt


TUESDAY, December 1

•• Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, 7:30am, Danto Auditorium, “A Study of CIN,” Dr. H. Gurm

•• GI Grand Rounds, 7:30am, B1 C202UH, “Enteral Feeding in Pancreatitis: Review of RCTs,” Dr. Shuster

•• General Medicine Clinical Conference, 8:00am, EAAHC Lower Level Conf. Rm., “Primary Care in the United Kingdom: Personal Observations,” Dr. Kleaveland

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Alternative Therapies,” Dr. Oberdoerster

•• Nephrology Basic Science Seminar, 9:00am, 4560C MSRB II, Dr. Henke (Vascular Surgery)

•• Leukemia Tumor Board Conference, 11:00am, 3206 CC, Clinical Care & Research

•• Geriatric Medicine Clinical Conference, 12:00pm, EAAHC B1-407, Faculty and Fellow Journal Club, Drs. Alexander and Tom

•• Intern Report 12:30pm, 3201TC


WEDNESDAY, December 2

••  GI Fellows Conference, 7:30am, B1 C202UH, “Pharmacotherapy for IBS,” Dr. Chey

•• Pulmonary & Critical Care Research Conference, 11:00am, 6311 Med Sci I, “Personalized Medicine for the Critically Ill:  Enrichment Strategies for ICU Trials,” Dr. Thompson

•• Hospital Medicine Case Conference, 12:00pm, 7A Conf Rm UH, Dr. Chang

•• Leukemia Conference, 12:00pm, Danto Auditorium, “New Insights into Immune Surveillance in Health and Cancer,” Dr. Huang*

•• Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, B1206 TC, Dr. Kazanjian

•• General Medicine Research Conference, 4:00pm, NCRC B16-467C, No Conference

•• Nephrology Combined Conference, 4:00pm, 2C 224UH


THURSDAY, December 3

•• GI Liver Conference, 7:30am, B1-286 CC, Case Conference, Drs. Konerman, Tavakkoli, & Hosmer

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, Case Conference, Dr. Bennett

•• GI Faculty Candidate, 10:00am, 3201TC, "Intestinal Stem Cells and Their Fate – Self Renew or Differentiate,” Dr. Kelley Yan (Stanford University)

•• GI Faculty Candidate, 11:00am, 3201TC, "T-Cell Function in Celiac Disease and Colorectal Cancer: Insights from Single-Cell Analysis,” Dr. Arnold Han (Stanford University)

•• Rheumatology Core Curriculum Conference, 11:00am, 6000 THSL, “Letter Writing,” Dr. Marks

•• Hematology/Oncology Research Conference, 12:00pm, M5330 MedSci I, No Conference until 1/7

•• Hospital Medicine Case Conference, 12:00pm, MSSU-Blue, Dr. Kochhar

•• Rheumatology Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, 6000 THSL, Pathology Conference, Dr. Ike

•• Clinical Hepatology Seminar, 5:00pm, 3201TC, “Targeted Molecular Imaging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma,” Drs. Fontana, Lok & Li


FRIDAY, December 4

•• Rheumatology Research Conference, 11:00am, 5530 MSRB I, “Ethnicity-specific epigenetic variation in naïve CD4+ T cells and the susceptibility to autoimmunity,” Dr. Coit

•• Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, "Gaucher Disease: Past Imperfect,” Dr. Cox*

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical Conference, 2:00pm, Brehm Tower 5050,  “Obesity Associated Inflammation: Detection, Treatment and Future Prospects,” Dr. Alemán*

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Conference, 3:00pm, Brehm Tower 5050,  "Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy: Where we are today, where we'll be in 5 years,” Dr. Brosius (Nephrology)


* Visiting Professor
* Alex Huang, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology & Biomedical Engineering,  Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland

*  Timothy M. Cox, MD, FMedSci, Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Director of Research, Honorary Consultant Physician , University of Cambridge, Department of Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, U.K.

* José O. Alemán, MD, PhD, Instructor in Clinical Investigation, Rockefeller University