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March 30 - April 3, 2015



MONDAY, March 30

•• Hematology/Oncology Clinical Conference, 8:00am, Din Rm C&D, Board Review: “Multiple Myeloma,” Dr. Coffman  /  “Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma,” Dr.  Hernandez-Aya

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1C202 UH, HO I Class Meeting

TUESDAY, March 31

•• Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, 7:30am, CVC Danto Auditorium, “Origins of Ventricular Tachycardia and Early Fibrillation: The ECG as Never Seen Before,” Dr. Berenfeld

•• GI Clinical Case Conference, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, Drs. Marratt & Wright

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, Case Conference, Dr. Couch

•• General Medicine Clinical Conference, 8:00am, EAAHC LL Conf Rm,  “Approach to Evaluation and Treatment of Back Pain,” Dr. Golmirzai (Anesthesia Back & Pain Clinic)

•• Nephrology Basic Science Seminar, 9:00am, 2515 BSRB, “Shifting the TGF-b/BMP Signaling Paradigm in Renal and Metabolic Disease,” Dr. Dressler
•• Geriatric Medicine Clinical Conference, 12:00pm, EAAHGC B1-407, Dr. Melin

•• Leukemia Tumor Board Conference, 11:00am, 3206 CC, Clinical Care & Research

•• Intern Report, 12:30pm, 3201TC



•• GI Fellows Conference, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, “Pancreatic Cysts, “ Dr. Anderson

•• Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Research Conference, 11:00am, 2C224 UH, “Using Data to Understand Hospital Quality,” Dr. Sjoding

•• Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, B1206 TC, Research Talk, Drs. Bott & Castillo

•• Leukemia Conference, 12:00pm, Danto Auditorium, "Hyperactive Ras Signaling in Myeloid Leukemia,” Dr. Li

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1C202 UH, “QI in Endoscopy (GI),” Dr. Saini

•• General Medicine Research Conference Schedule, 4:00pm, B16-266C NCRC

•• Nephrology Combined Conference, 4:00pm, 2C224 UH, “Novel Therapeutics For The Treatment of Lysosomal Storage Diseases,” Dr. Shayman  /  Clinical Case,” Dr. Al Rifai & McGuire



••  Liver Conference, 7:30am, 2G335 UH, Drs. Lok & Corsello

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Immunity to Microbes,” Dr. Oza

•• Rheumatology Core Curriculum Conference, 11:00am, 3201TC, Fellows Meeting/Peer Review Session

•• Hematology/Oncology Research Conference, 12:00pm, M3330 MedSci I

•• Rheumatology Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, “TMJ Inflammatory Arthritis,” Dr. Fleck

•• Global Health Lecture, 12:15pm, 2C224UH, “The Use of Design Ethnography in Engineering Medical Devices For Low-Resource Settings”, Dr.  Sienko (Miller Faculty Scholar Associate Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering)

•• Clinical Hepatology Seminar, 5:00pm, 3201TC, Drs. Rakoski & Konerman


FRIDAY, April 3

•• Rheumatology Clinical Case Conference, 10:45am, 7C09 NIB, Dr. McCune

•• Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, Dr. Higgins (UM GI)

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical, 2:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “Interesting Cases”, MEND Rounding Team (March)

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research, 3:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “Challenges in Thyroid Hormone Replacement,” Dr. Papaleontiou