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October 5 - 9, 2015


MONDAY, October 5

•• Hematology/Oncology Clinical Conference, 7:30am, Danto Auditorium

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1 C202UH, “Managing Conflict,” Dr. Chang


TUESDAY, October 6

•• Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, 7:30am, Danto Auditorium, “A History of Cardiovascular Medicine at Michigan,” Dr. Howell (GenMed)

•• GI Grand Rounds, 7:30am, B1 C202UH, “Celiac Disease and When the Gluten-Free Diet Isn't Enough,” Dr. Spencer

•• General Medicine Clinical Conference, 8:00am, EAAHC Lower Level Conf. Rm., “MiChart Updates,” Dr. Branford

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Pediatric Asthma Part 1,” Dr. Sanders

•• Nephrology Basic Science Seminar, 9:00am, 4560C MSRB II, “Understanding Arteriovenous Fistula Failure: What Have We Learned So Far?" Dr. Vazquez-Padron*

•• Leukemia Tumor Board Conference, 11:00am, 3206 CC, Clinical Care & Research

•• Geriatric Medicine Clinical Conference, 12:00pm, B1-407 EAAHGC, ”Diabetes in Older People: Heterogeneity, New Drugs, Hypoglycemia, Brain Function,” Dr. Halter

•• Intern Report 12:30pm, 3201TC


WEDNESDAY, October 7

••  GI Fellows Conference, 7:30am, B1 C202UH, “Path Review: Esophagus & Stomach,” Dr. Appelman

•• Pulmonary & Critical Care Research Conference, 11:00am, 6311 Med Sci I, ”Exploring Prognostic Factors in IPF,” Dr. Sheth

•• Leukemia Conference, 12:00pm, Danto Auditorium, “Genomic MRD in AML: Insights into clonal hematopoiesis and relapse risk in remission,” Dr. Parkin

•• Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, B1206 TC, No Conference

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1 C202UH, “Obesity,” Dr. Rothberg

•• General Medicine Research Conference, 4:00pm, NCRC B16-467C, No Conference

•• Nephrology Combined Conference, 4:00pm, 2C 224UH, “Are podocytes involved in maintaining a clean filter?” Dr. Garg  /    “Citrate Anticoagulation: Modulation of more than just the clotting cascade,” Dr. Blatt


THURSDAY, October 8

•• GI Liver Conference, 7:30am, 2G 335UH, Pathology, Dr. Greenson

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Leukocyte Circulation and Migration into Tissues,” Dr. Ndum

•• Rheumatology Core Curriculum Conference, 11:00am, 3201TC, “Anatomy, examination and injection of joints,” Dr. Ike

•• Hematology/Oncology Research Conference, 12:00pm, M5330 MedSci I, “Examining the proliferation-quiescence decision during development and in cancer,” Dr. Buttitta

•• Rheumatology Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, “CTD-ILD, case presentation and what is NOT CTDILD,” Drs. Schiopu & Cronin


FRIDAY, October 9

•• Rheumatology Clinical Case Conference, 10:45am, 7C09 NIB, Dr. McCune

•• Rheumatology Core Curriculum Conference, 12:00pm, B1206TC, Radiology Conference, Dr. Girish

•• Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, Inaugural Fritz Port Lecture,  Dr. Winkelmayer*

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical Conference, 2:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “Of rats and men: Intrinsic vs. training-responsive contributions to exercise capacity and metabolic health,” Dr. Evans

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Conference, 3:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “Interesting Cases,” MEND Rounding Team (September)


* Visiting Professor
* Roberto I. Vazquez-Padron, PhD, FAHA, Associate Professor of Surgery, DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

*  Wolfgang C. Winkelmayer, MD, ScD, Gordon A. Cain Professor of Medicine,  Nephrology, Section Chief, Nephrology, Baylor College of Medicine,  Houston