Name: Bill Barrie


My Main Clinical Interest: Triage in medicine, and efforts to reduce unnecessary utilization of resources. I run the VA Emergency Department. Our hospital has limited bed and other resources (specialty appointments, imaging, PT, others). We live in a time where doctors no longer focus on history and physical, and treating what is most likely. Doctors today focus on imaging/testing, and extensive consultation. I believe that much (not all) of this worsens care for the veteran. I have worked to encourage a culture of confidence in our ability to diagnose and treat based on what we see in front of us, and have the confidence to manage the patient rather than admit them or call others (consultants) for help.

I do some work with Primary Care, including resident clinic supervision.


My Main Academic Interest: Utility/benefit of dual/triple antithrombotics. We all see many patients on dual antithrombitics, but I feel most clinicians don't recognize the adverse risk these combinations carry. Many of these combinations are for conditions which there is not proven benefit, and we expose patients to undue risk. 20 years ago, I saw many thrombotic complications in our Emergency Department. Today, that has been replaced by hemorrhagic complications.


My Administrative Responsibilities include: Department head, Emergency Department. We have a mix of General Internists and Emergency Medicine staff, along with nighttime moonlighting staff (mostly fellows from UM). I work on several VA committees, including pharmacy and Psychiatry.


What I Do for Fun: Golf (what else is there?)