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Our Facilities

New Location For Us, Same Great Care For Our Patients

The Allergy Specialty Clinic and Food Allergy Clinic at Domino’s Farms provides for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, food allergy, immunologic and asthma-related conditions in a bright, spacious and comfortable state-of-the-art clinic. Our new facility expands our capabilities to provide patients with the best possible treatment and care for all types of allergic conditions.

State-Of-The-Art Extract Production

All allergy shot extracts are made in our Laminar Flow Biological Safety cabinet. A PharmD prepares all the extracts under completely sterile and safe conditions. No other allergy clinic that we know of in Michigan or in the Midwest operates with this type of equipment.

Unique Food Preparation

For our food allergic patients, we offer special rooms dedicated to food challenges and a separate kitchen, which is used solely for preparing food for the challenges. The kitchen has negative-pressure flow and sealed doors to keep allergens away from the clinic area.

Our physicians evaluate all types of patients who believe they are allergic or sensitive to specific foods. This includes those with anaphylaxis, eczema and other suspected food sensitivities. Educational and nutritional support to assist patients and families in safely navigating day-to-day life is also available through our nutrition and social work partners at the U-M East Medical Campus.

Food Challenge Rooms

The specially designed food challenge rooms make it easier for parents and young children to complete the food challenge, which can sometimes take hours. A TV is available with movies to keep children occupied during their time in this secure room with separate air handlers and sealed doors.

Pulmonary Suite

The suite is vital for performing spirometry and methacholine challenges, and diagnosing exercise induced asthma.

Rhinoscopy Suite

Across the hall from the Pulmonary Suite, the Rhinoscopy Suite offers fiber optic rhinolaryngoscopy for thorough evaluation of nasal and upper airway complaints and nasal dysphonia. Because of their close proximity, the two rooms can be used in tandem to evaluate patients.

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