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About Us

John M. Carethers, M.D.
John G. Searle Professor and
Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

Message From Our Chair

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Friends:

On March 20, 2014, our Department inducted the second annual group of members into our Clin-ical Excellence Society (Academiae Laureate Medici). This group of 14 physicians espouse great clinical care with patients and forge wonderful relationships with referring or referred physicians, and were selected by the current members of the society. I congratulate all of them for their sus-tained commitment towards excellence in clinical care. Please congratulate Drs. David Bach, James Baldwin, Stan Chetcuti, William Chey, Mark McQuillan, Hakan Oral, Elisa Ostafin, James Riddell, Richard Simon, David Smith, Linda Terrell, Erik-Jan Wamsteker, David Wesorick, and Mark Zalupski on their recognition.

This message highlights many of the outstanding faculty and staff of our Department, and is what makes our Department highly special. This year, the Department will have inducted five of its faculty (Drs. Chen, Inoki, Kao, Langa, and Sawalha) into the American Society for Clinical Investigation, a true recognition of physician-scientists. The Department also has one member who will be inducted into the Association of American Physicians (Dr. Hayward), a recognition of the total embodiment of work for a physician-scientist (see articles on page 6). Additionally, Shaomeng Wang was named the University’s 2014 Distinguished University Innovator. It is the recognition highlighted above, among many others in this newsletter, that attest to the quality and creativeness of our faculty and staff with the recog-nition from local and national peers for that quality. A hearty congratulations to all of our deserving faculty and staff highlighted in this issue.

Lastly, many of you have heard that we will be undergoing transition at the very top of our University. Dr. Mark Schlissel, and physician-scientist and immunologist, and President-elect of the University of Michigan, will have an ap-pointment in two medical school departments: Microbiology and Immunology, and Internal Medicine. He will commence as President in July 2014. Dr. Michael Johns, former Dean at Johns Hopkins and Chancellor Emeritus at Emory, will serve as Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs as Dr. Ora Pescovitz, our current EVPMA, has chosen not to seek re-appointment. Dr. Johns will commence in June 2014. Our new leaders will set the bar high for us as an organization. Both of our new leaders are committed to making our organization feasible to navigate, have resources to meet our mis-sion, and listen to us as faculty and staff into making sound decisions. I am excited to work with the both of them in the upcoming months.

John M.  Carethers, M.D.
John G. Searle Professor and Chair
Department of Internal Medicine