Our Staff

K.C. Cato: Administrative Assistant/Scheduler
K.C. Cato has been handling scheduling duties at Interpreter Services since October 2006. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1993 with a degree in journalism. After graduating, she worked for 12 years doing customer service at a software development company. In her spare time, K.C. likes to make jewelry and basketry.

Chi-Wei Chang: Chinese Interpreter
Originally from Taiwan, Chi-Wei has lived in the U.S. since 1988. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the National Taiwan University. After coming to the U.S., she continued her higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she received her MS in early childhood education. Chi-Wei has worked as a preschool teacher and administrator, and is also a licensed Kindermusik educator. She joined Interpreter Services in 2003 as a contract interpreter, and became a staff Chinese interpreter in 2004. Apart from interpreting, Chi-Wei also works at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital as a R.N.

Jane Chang Miller: Chinese Interpreter/Authorized Trainer, Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training
Jane is a native Chinese speaker who grew up in Taiwan. She earned her BA in educational psychology and English from National Taiwan Normal University in 1981. She also received her teaching certificate and school counselor certificate the same year. While teaching high school English, she served as a director of her school’s student counseling center. In 1987, she returned to graduate school, majoring in school administration. Two years later, Taipei’s City Education Bureau selected her to study a teacher training program at California State University, Fresno. She then spent three years as principal of the Fresno Chinese School. Prior to her current job, she worked as a translator at Madonna University in Livonia. Jane is currently a staff Chinese medical interpreter and interpreter training coordinator at the UMHS. She is also the cultural education consultant for the sociocultural medicine program at the U-M Department of Medical Education.

Sun Joo Chung: Korean Interpreter
Sun Joo was born in Seoul, South Korea. She has a wide range of international experience, having received her education in Korea, Switzerland and the United States. After graduating from college, she worked as a translator for international conventions and meetings, then moved on to work for the Seoul branch of a French bank. She came to Ann Arbor in 1986, when her husband began his graduate program at the University of Michigan. For the next 15 years, she stayed home as a full-time mom, raising two children. In 2001, she was hired by the Ann Arbor Public Schools as an English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor. She has been part of the staff as a Korean interpreter at the UMHS since 2003. Sun Joo loves her job and takes great pride in helping the Korean community.

Fawzi El Shafei: Arabic Interpreter
Fawzi was born in Libya. He received his degree in dentistry and was a research fellow scientist for 10 years at the University of Michigan Dental School. He started working as a volunteer interpreter at the UMHS in 1992, and was hired in 2000 as an Arabic interpreter and translator. Fawzi serves on the Institutional Review Boards of the U-M Medical School as a non-physician scientist and advocate. He also has broad experience in medical writing and pharmaceutical research and development.

Rita Galin: Russian Interpreter/Medical Terminology Instructor/Lead Interpreter
Rita was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She received her MD from Tartu State University and completed an internship in neurology at the University Health Center in Tartu. She practiced neurology at Tallinn Adolescent Clinic, acting as a medical doctor, counselor and advisor, and handling a variety of issues concerning teenagers. She later completed a course in adolescent pathophysiology and medicine in the Continuing Medical Education Institute in Leningrad, USSR (present-day St. Petersburg, Russia). After moving to the U.S. in 1994, she volunteered as a medical interpreter/translator at the UMHS. In 1998, she became one of Interpreter Services’ first two staff interpreters. Rita works closely with both the Russian-speaking community and the Jewish Community Center of Ann Arbor. She also volunteers at the Russian Club, does educational presentations about Russian culture, and teaches the Medical Terminology and Body Systems course for interpreters. She accepted the position of Lead Interpreter in 2007, helping to manage and evaluate the department’s growing staff alongside her colleague Denise Hermans.

Daniel Gardner: Program Assistant
Daniel simply cannot rave enough about this department. He loves working with people who enjoy their jobs and take great pride in the work they do. Daniel has lived in Michigan most of his life and still lives very close to the rest of his family in Romulus, along with his partner Jerry. Daniel enjoys dining out with friends and family, and he studies world religions and Mandarin Chinese in his spare time. He is also a huge pet lover - he has four dogs, a cat and some fish.

Oliver Gatonez: Spanish Interpreter
Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Oliver has worked as a medical translator/interpreter since 1998. From 1998 to 2002 he worked in the Spectrum Health System in the Grand Rapids area, and he also served as a judiciary interpreter for Kent and Ottawa counties. Oliver joined the UMHS in late 2002, when he moved to Ann Arbor with his wife Diana to pursue a master’s degree in urban and regional planning. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis and reading books on religion, architecture and art history. What he enjoys most about working for Interpreter Services is the opportunity to serve the local Hispanic community and the personal contact with patients from all parts of Latin America.

Grazia Gumina: Spanish and Italian Interpreter
Grazia was born to Sicilian parents in Barinas, Venezuela. She graduated in 1982 from the University of Los Andes in Merida, Venezuela, where she earned a degree in humanities and English language and literature. In 1981, she and the Venezuelan Governor's wife in Merida co-founded the first English school for children of low-income families, La Fundacion del Nino El Vergel. Grazia taught English in Eutimio Rivas High School, 1983-1985, and in the Tecnologico Universitario de Ejido Universidad de los Andes. She also worked as the university's Professor of Tourism/Hotel Business and as an Intensive English Instructor for graduate professors. She served as a Department Chair at the Tecnologico Universitario de Ejido Universidad de los Andes from 1995 to 1998. After moving to the Ann Arbor area, she spent over 10 years as a Spanish and Italian volunteer interpreter, a Spanish teaching assistant and tutor. Grazia started working as a UMHS Spanish and Italian contract interpreter in October 2003, and became a staff interpreter in March 2008.

Michelle Harris: Director
Michelle has been with Interpreter Services off and on since 1992, and permanently since 1998. She has coordinated a comprehensive medical interpreter training program, and she trains providers on how to work effectively with interpreters. Michelle’s areas of interest include regulatory and compliance issues in the medical setting, as well as an interest in financing the cost of interpreters.

Rose Hawver: Sign Language Interpreter
Rose is an American Sign Language interpreter who grew up using sign language as her primary mode of communication because her parents were both deaf. She has received her National Certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Rose is the coordinator of the Sign Language On-Call Program and has worked at UMHS since 2003.

Denise Hermans: French Interpreter
Denise was born in Montreal and has been living in Michigan for over 16 years. She started working at the UMHS as a contract interpreter in 2001 and became a staff interpreter in 2003. She speaks English, French, some Spanish and a little Malinque. Denise is the coordinator of Interpreter Services education at the Nursing Blitz, and she also teaches French to UMHS staff. She accepted the position of Lead Interpreter in 2007, helping administer the department’s growing staff alongside her colleague Rita Galin.

Jeanette Kibler: Japanese Interpreter
In 2000, Jeanette came to Ann Arbor from Tokyo where she had lived for 18 years. She began working at the UMHS as a contract Japanese interpreter in 2001. She holds an MA in Japanese literature from the U of M, where she also completed the course work for a PhD and taught Japanese during her studies. She enjoys interpreting because it allows her to work with others and help people in need. Jeanette is thankful for the opportunity to speak Japanese and connect with Japanese people living in Michigan. She became a staff interpreter for Interpreter Services in 2006. She also enjoys training new interpreters and meeting with her fellow Japanese interpreters to continually improve their skills.

Oksana Moceri: Russian Interpreter
Oksana came to Michigan from Odessa, Ukraine in 1998. She received a degree in economics and engineering at the State Academy of Telecommunication in Odessa. She started working at Interpreter Services in July of 2006 as a contractor. In December 2006, she was hired as a staff Russian interpreter. In her spare time, she loves to cook.

Christa Moran: Sign Language Interpreter
Christa is an American Sign Language interpreter who joined Interpreter Services in the spring of 2006. She currently holds NIC National Certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. She has a BA from the University of Michigan (go blue), a post baccalaureate degree in education from Eastern Michigan University, and a master's degree in special education/Deaf education certification from the University of Minnesota. She was a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Minnesota before moving back home to Michigan. She completed her interpreter training at Lansing Community College. Prior to joining the Interpreter Services Program, she completed a one-year internship with a hospital staff interpreter here at the UMHS. She travels all over the country taking workshops and classes to perfect her medical interpreting skills and to gain more knowledge of the rights of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Gloria Reinhold: Spanish Interpreter
Gloria was born in Chile to German parents. She was raised in the Dominican Republic, where she earned a five-year university degree in Spanish/English/French translation. She has worked as a legal and medical translator/interpreter for over 15 years. She has been working with UMHS Interpreter Services since 2005, and was hired as a staff interpreter in May of 2009. She is also a state-certified court interpreter. Gloria considers interpreting and translating to be her passion and her lifelong vocation.

Megumi Segawa: Japanese Interpreter
Megumi was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. After completing undergraduate studies in Japan, she obtained her M.A. and Ph.D. in education in Vancouver, Canada. Her specialization is cross-cultural adaptation and education. She is also a certified conference interpreter with the Japanese Interpreters’ Association of Japan. Megumi started working for the Interpreter Services Program as a volunteer in 2005 and became a staff member in 2007.

Wendy Sielaff: Billing and Payroll Specialist
Wendy is an administrative assistant and billing and payroll specialist at Interpreter Services. She manages payroll, billing, language classes, social events and many other activities. She has been with Interpreter Services since December 2003. She has previously worked at Kellogg Eye Center. Outside of work, Wendy is very active in the theater. She is an award-winning director, and she has co-founded a local theater group, Destination Theatre.

Angélica Paz Snyder: Spanish Interpreter
Angélica is from Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. She studied Desktop Publishing at Rancho Santiago College in Santa Ana, CA, and also attended Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, MI. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and communications at Eastern Michigan University. Her hobbies include doing crafts, restoring furniture, redecorating, sewing and dancing. In 2006, she became a contractor. In 2002 she became a program assistant at the Program for Multicultural Health, which is part of the UMHS, where she worked for two and a half years. After taking some time off to raise a family, she returned to Interpreter Services as a staff interpreter in 2007. She currently serves as the coordinator of the Spanish on-call system.

Linda Steinke: Arabic/Farsi/Chaldean Interpreter
Linda was born in Iran, where she went to Arabic school. In her home country, she spoke Chaldean, Arabic, Farsi and Assyrian. She moved to the United States in 1974. She attended nursing school, and now lives in Ypsilanti with her three kids. After working as a contract interpreter, Linda was hired on staff in 2001. She loves her job and all the people she works with.

Gabriela C. Wilson: Spanish Interpreter
Gabriela was born in Caracha, Michoacan, Mexico. After high school graduation, she moved to Boston to study English and then returned to Mexico to go to college. She graduated in 2000 and worked in the state government. She became a leader of her political party, organizing the successful campaigns of state senators and representatives in Michoacan. She started working as a Spanish contract interpreter in 2006, and in August 2007 earned a staff position.