IntellMR 2015

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** Extended Deadline **
July 12, 2015 (midnight PST):
Paper Submission

July 21, 2015:
Notification of Acceptance

July 25, 2015:
Camera-Ready Papers
October 5, 2015:


There have been continuing interests in the MICCAI community for topics related to integration of MRI acquisition and processing algorithms, multimodality processing of functional data from fMRI and DTI, artifact correction and motion correction. Specifically, brain function, susceptibility imaging, cardiac, lung and neonatal MRI have been fast growing areas of interest in medical imaging, and developing effective algorithms demands knowledge of image acquisition, processing and analyses. Emerging methodologies in MRI design and acquisition would benefit from robust image registration and processing tools that can efficiently support clinical utilities of functional as well as anatomical data.

Our previous IntellMR 2013 tutorial and 2014 workshop generated enthusiastic participation and interest of MICCAI attendees in topics connecting MR acquisition and image processing. This workshop is organized with the motivation of instilling better understanding of the basics of MR physics and acquisition in the MICCAI community as well as addressing a lack of information of multi-level image processing tools in the MR imaging community. The program emphasizes interaction between MR scientists, engineers and image processing groups on current topics including MRI, fMRI, multiband acquisitions, image distortion, image registration, accelerated imaging, motion artifacts, magnetic susceptibility mapping.

Objectives of this workshop are:
• introduction to basic MR physics and current advances in MRI/fMRI for bridging interest of students and researchers in the field of medical image processing and MR imaging science.
• discussion of the current and potential MR image acquisition, registration and processing algorithms that support and enhance the clinical MRI applications.
• discussion of current state of clinical utilities and technical challenges encountered in clinical or research applications.