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Jackson Turner
e-mail address: turnerjs@umich.edu

Mentor: Irina Grigorova, PhD

Research Description

Interactions between activated T and B cells are required for the induction of an effective T dependent humoral immune response. My research focuses on elucidating the factors in vivo that influence the productivity of these interactions, particularly those that affect B cell activation and differentiation, such as B cell receptor affinity for antigen, antigen dose, amount of peptide presented to helper T cells, and availability and timing of T cell help. 


Oliver JA*, Lapinski PE*, Lubeck BA*, Turner JS, Parada LF, Zhu Y, King PD. 2013. The Ras GTPase-activating Protein Neurofibromin 1 Promotes the Positive Selection of Thymocytes. Mol Immunol 55:292-302.


Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2013

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