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Blake Roessler, M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Rheumatology
Director, Phase 1 Cleanroom Core
Associate Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research


Research Interests

Understanding mechanistic links between adipokine signaling and Wnt signaling pathways in osteoarthritis

• Use of Raman spectroscopy to gain insight into the early structural changes in extracellular matrix molecules of cartilage and synovial fluid that might function as early biomarkers in patients with osteoarthritis.

Representative Publications

Anderson RD, Haskell RE, Xia H, Roessler BJ, Davidson BL. A simple method for the rapid generation of recombinant adenoviral vectors. Gene Ther 7(12):1034-8, 2000.

Wu H, Ramachandran C, Bielinska A, Kingzett K, Sun R, Weiner N, Roessler BJ. Topical transfection using plasmid DNA in a water-in-oil nanoemulsion. Int J Pharm 221:23-34, 2001.

Roessler BJ, Bielinska A, Janczak K, Lee I, Baker J. Substituted beta-cyclodextrins interact with PAMAM dendrimer-DNA complexes and modify transfection efficiency. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 283:124-129, 2001.

Kolka JA, Vreede AP, Roessler BJ. Lipopolysaccharide recognition protein, MD-2, facilitates cellular uptake of E. coli-derived plasmid DNA in synovium. J Gene Med 7(7):956-964, 2005.

Kesisoglou F, Chamberlain JR, Schmiedlin-Ren P, Kaz A, Fleisher D, Roessler B, Zimmermann EM. Chimeric Ad5 vectors expressing the short fiber of Ad41 show reduced affinity for human intestinal epithelium. Mol Pharm 2(6):500-508, 2005.

Dehring KA, Crane NJ, Smukler AR, McHugh JB, Roessler BJ, Morris MD. Identifying chemical changes in subchondral bone taken from murine knee joints using Raman spectroscopy. Appl Spectrosc 60(10):1134-1141, 2006.

Kish PE, Tsume Y, Kijek P, Lanigan TM, Hilfinger JM, Roessler BJ. Bile acid-oligopeptide conjugates interact with DNA and facilitate transfection. Mol Pharm 4(1):95-103, 2007.


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