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Jeffrey L. Platt , M.D.
Professor of Surgery
Professor of
Microbiology and Immunology


Research interests:
Transplantation immunology, immunological recognition, immunologic and genomic stability of stem cells, activation and control of TLR

Current Research Activity:

Dr. Platt's research focuses on the biology of transplantation and related fields. The research poses such questions as how does the immune system become activated by foreign cells and how does the activated immune system destroy a graft. An important line of this research concerns the mechanisms through which a graft, or any tissue, acquires resistance to immune-mediated injury, a phenomenon Dr. Platt originally described and named “accommodation.” Dr. Platt investigates diverse repertoires of B cells and T cells develop, how they are maintained, and how that system can be reconstituted for treatment of immunodeficiency, chronic viral infection, or cancer. Also investigated are endogenous mechanisms of activation and control of toll like receptor function in health and disease and the mechanisms and implications of cell and nuclear fusion.

Representative Recent Publications:

Brunn GB, Bungum MK, Johnson GB, Platt JL. Conditional signaling by Toll-like receptor 4. FASEB J 19:872-874, 2005.

Fan X, Ang A, Pollock-BarZiv SM, Dipchand AI, Ruiz P, Wilson G, Platt JL, West LJ. Donor-specific B-cell tolerance after ABO-incompatible infant heart transplantation. Nat Med 10:1227-1233, 2004.

Ogle BM, Cascalho M, Platt JL. Biological implications of cell fusion. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 6:567-575, 2005.

Brunn GJ, Platt JL. The etiology of sepsis: turned inside out. Trends Mol Med 12: 10-16, 2006.

Koch, CA, Geraldes P, Platt JL. Immunosuppression by embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells, 26:89-98, 2008.

AbuAttieh M, Rebrovich M, Wettstein PJ, Vuk-Pavlovic Z, Limper AH, Platt JL, Cascalho M. Fitness of cell-mediated immunity independent of repertoire diversity. J Immunol 178:2950-2960, 2007.

Brunn GJ, Saadi S, Platt JL. Constitutive repression of IL-1α in endothelial cells. Circ Res, 102:823-830, 2008.

Lynch RJ, Platt JL. Accommodation in organ transplantation. Curr Opin. Organ Transplant, 13:165-170, 2008.


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