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Marilia Cascalho, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Surgery
Associate Professor of
Microbiology and Immunology

Research interests

1. Molecular mechanisms to generate and maintain B cell memory in health and disease, including immunodeficiencies and transplantation.

2. The means by which B cells and/or immunoglobulin diversify the T cell repertoire and how these mechanisms impact on T cell responses to microbes, tumors and transplantation.

3. Generation of diversity in health and disease. We study molecular mechanisms for the generation of diversity of immune receptors and interrogate how those mechanisms shape immune responses to mutable pathogens and/or tumors.

Our research investigates human subjects and novel experimental gene-targeted and conditional gene expression mouse models.

Current Research Activity

1. We have identified mouse genetic mutants with defective B cell memory. Current research focuses on studying the mechanisms by which such genes contribute to B cell memory in response to pathogens and transplants. We study B cell memory in response to vaccination in children with severe contractions of the T cell compartment owing to removal of the thymus and T cell depletion as a consequence of cardiac transplantation in infancy.

2. We have developed a prototype for a novel vaccine called the “mutable vaccine”. The “mutable vaccine” consists of a DNA fragment encoding a viral antigen which is made to mutate at a rate that approximates the rate of viral diversification in infected individuals. Because the “mutable vaccine” generates non pathogenic viral antigenic variants, inducing immunity over time, we predict that vaccinated individuals will effectively generate sterilizing immunity to infection with mutable organisms such as HIV, influenza or hepatitis C. Research in the laboratory tests immunity generated in animals vaccinated with the “mutable vaccine”.

3. We discovered that immunoglobulin diversity promotes the development of T cell receptor diversity by enhancing selection of T cells in the thymus and by promoting T cell survival in the periphery. We study the mechanisms by which immunoglobulin contributes to diversity of T cells in mutant mice with contractions of the B cell repertoire.

Selected Publications

Panarra A, Ferreira E, Cascalho M, Nobre G. Sensibilidade à nistatina de estirpes de Candida torulopsis glabrata isoladas de material clínico (Resistance to nystatin in clinical isolates of Candida torulopsis glabrata). Jornal do Médico 115:460-462, 1984.

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Cascalho M, Falcão M, Matias D, Carvalho L, Vieira C, Pinho R, Clara G, Mota E. A propósito de um caso de golpe de calor (Heat stroke in a schizophrenic patient). Medicina e Cirurgia 9:95-98, 1989.

Cascalho M, Neves J, Vassal H, Rodrigues H, Bicho M. Redutase transmembranar nos glóbulos vermelhos em hemodialisados crónicos e sua relação com o metabolismo do ferro (Modulation of the transmembrane ferricyanide reductase in red blood cells of renal insufficient patients and in relation to the iron metabolism). Jornal das Ciências Médicas 154:329-339, 1990. Pfizer Honor Mention-1989, Lisbon.

Baekkeskov S, Aanstoot HJ, Christgau S, Reetz A, Solimena M, Cascalho M, Folli F, Richter-Olesen H, DeCamilli P. Identification of the 64K autoantigen in insulin-dependent diabetes as the GABA-synthesizing enzyme glutamic acid decarboxylase. Nature 347:151-156, 1990.

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Kanayama N, Kimoto T, Todo K, Nishikawa Y, Hikida M, Magari M, Cascalho M, Ohmori H. B cell selection and affinity maturation during an antibody response in the mouse with limited B cell diversity. J Immunol 169:6865-6874, 2002.

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