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Deanna Kulpa, Ph.D.
e-mail address: kulpadea@umich.edu

Mentor: Kathleen Collins, M.D. Ph.D.

Techniques Used:
FACS, confocal microscopy, immunoprecipitation, western blots, metabolic labeling, primary tissue culture, HIV infections

Research Description:

MHC-I trafficking in macrophages



Hulme, A. E., Kulpa, D.A., Kopera, H.C., Athanikar, J.N., and Moran, J.V. (2008) Mutations in the leucine zipper domain of human LINE-1 ORF1p: effects on retrotransposition, ribonucleoprotein particle formation and reverse transcription. Submitted .

Schaefer, M.R., Williams, M., Kulpa, D.A., Blakely, P.K., and Collins, K.L. (2008) A novel trafficking signal within the HLA-A cytoplasmic tail allows regulated expression upon differentiation of macrophages. Journal of Immunology 180:7804-7817 .

Kulpa, D.A. and Moran, J.V. (2006) Cis -preferential LINE-1 reverse transcriptase activity in ribonucleoprotein particles. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 13(7): 655-660.

Hulme, A., Kulpa, D.A., Garcia-Perez, J.L., and Moran, J.V. (2006) The impact of LINE-1 retrotransposition on the human genome. pp. 35-55. In: Lupski, J.R. and Stankiewicz, P. (eds.), Genomic Disorders: The Genomic Basis of Disease . Humana Press, Totowa , NJ .

Kulpa, D.A. and Moran, J.V. (2005) Ribonucleoprotein particle formation is necessary but not sufficient for LINE-1 retrotransposition. Human Molecular Genetics 14:3237-3248.

Kulpa, D., Topping, R., Telesnitsky, A. (1997) Determination of the site of first strand transfer during Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcription and identification of strand transfer-associated reverse transcriptase errors. EMBO Journal 16(4):856-865.

Rossbach, S., Kulpa, D.A., Rossbach, U., de Bruijn, F.J. (1994) Molecular and genetic characterization of the rhizopine catabolism ( mocABRC ) genes of Rhizobium meliloti L5-30. Molecular and General Genetics 245(1):11-24.

Rossbach, S., McSpadden, B., Kulpa, D., and de Bruijn, F.J. (1994) Rhizopine synthesis and catabolism genes for the creation of "biased rhizospheres" and as a marker system to detect (genetically modified) microorganisms in the soil- Construction of a minimal moc cassette. pp 223-249. In: L. Morris, C. Grim, J.S. Angle (eds.) Biotechnology Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment Methodologies , College Park , MD.

Roa, B.B., Garcia, C.A., Suter, U., Kulpa, D.A., Wise, C.A., Mueller, J., Welcher, A.A., Snipes, G.J., Shooter, E.M., Patel, P.I., Lupski, J.R. (1993) Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A. Association with a spontaneous point mutation in the PMP22 gene. New England Journal of Medicine 329(2): 96-101.


Honors and Awards:

2008 Recipient of the Suttons Bay High School Distinguished Alumnus Award

2007 Recipient of the Irvington Institute Fellowship of the Cancer Research Institute

2003 Recipient of the Association for Women in Science Educational Foundation Pre-doctoral Program Amy Lutz Award

2001-2003 Recipient of the NIH Pre-doctoral Genetics Training Grant Fellowship


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