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IHPI brings together more than 400 researchers studying how health care works and how it can be improved. This news page provides a sampling of news clips and press releases featuring our members and their work.

10/29/2014: How personal advocacy influences autism policy (Detroit News - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

10/28/2014: Disease outbreaks in U.S. have history of government infighting (Los Angeles Times, etc. - Howard Markel)

10/28/2014: Physician calls for perspective on the Ebola crisis (NPR - Howard Markel)

10/27/2014: A "surge" of Michganders signing up for expanded Medicaid (Michigan Radio - John Ayanian)

10/27/2014: Enacting Effective Strategies for Chronic Disease Management (healthitanalytics - Tammy Chang)

10/27/2014: Parents Use Online Rating Sites to Choose Doctors (Metro Parent - David Hanauer)

10/27/2014: U.S. Moves to End Patchwork of Policies on Returning Ebola Workers (The New York Times - Howard Markel)

10/26/2014: As guidance evolves, hospitals' Ebola preparedness remains uneven (Chicago Tribune, etc. - Howard Markel)

10/23/2014: Violence in Relationships ( - Vijay Singh)

10/23/2014: Here's why so few people get flu shots (Michigan Radio - Andrew Maynard

10/23/2014: 62 percent of colorectal cancer patients report financial burden from treatment (Medical Xpress  - Arden Morris)

10/22/2014: 100 days in Michigan: U-M team releases new analysis of state's Medicaid expansion (, ScienceDaily, Yahoo! News, etc. - John Ayanian)

10/21/2014: Medicaid Payment Tied to Timing of Breast Cancer Surgery (General Surgery News - Sandra Wong)

10/21/2014: Hospitals Struggle To Beat Back Serious Infections (Shots: The NPR Health Blog, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, etc. - Darrell Campbell)

10/20/2014: $10M gift to U-M supports patient access to cardiovascular care (U-M News Service - Kim Eagle)

10/20/2014: 1 in 5 Physicians are Unaware Their Patients Have Central Venous Catheters (ScienceDaily, etc. - Vineet Chopra, Sanjay Saint)

10/20/2014: Six U-M faculty elected to prestigious Institute of Medicine (U-M News Service - Mark Fendrick)

10/19/2014: Life in Quarantine for Ebola Exposure: 21 Days of Fear and Loathing (New York Times - Howard Markel)

10/18/2014: Here’s How Suspected Ebola Patients Can Be Restricted (Time - Peter Jacobson)

10/17/2014: Ebola - what history teaches us about facing the deadly virus (Lansing State Journal, etc. - Howard Markel)

10/16/2014: FDA cracks down on Ebola scams (Lansing State Journal, etc. - Andrew Maynard)

10/16/2014: Does Your Hospital Have Bad Reviews? How One Marketer Fixed His Physicians' "Yelp Problem." (3BL Media,, etc. - David Hanauer)

10/15/2014: A Bold Research Funding Experiment Pays Off (Lab Manager Magazine - Rafel Meza)

10/15/2014: As Rx deaths dip, heroin overdoses surge (Los Angeles Times - Amy Bohnert)

10/15/2014: Is Specialty Pharma Pricing At A Tipping Point? (Forbes - Mark Fendrick)

10/13/2014: Here Are The Countries Where Ebola Is Most Likely To Show Up By November 1 (Chicago Tribune, Reuters, etc. - Howard Markel)

10/13/2014: Ebola Scams Prey on the Public's Fear (Yahoo News!, CNBC, etc. - Andrew Maynard)

10/13/2014: A Nurse Should Not Have Contracted Ebola. We Need New Policies. (New Republic - Howard Markel)

10/13/2014: Are hospitals and workers prepared to treat Ebola? (PBS NewsHour - Howard Markel)

10/12/2014: Michigan toddler dies from enterovirus D68 (Detroit Free Press, etc. - Andrew Hashikawa)

10/11/2014: National standard needed for child car seats (Detroit Free Press - Michelle Macy)

10/10/2014: Ebola screening measures rest on federal law (Health Data Management, Miami, PBS, etc. - Peter Jacobson)

10/8/2014: It's time to fight sepsis like we fight heart attack (Newswise, etc. - Colin Cooke)

10/8/2014: U-M Frankel Cardiovascular announces first implant in clinical study of Core Valve Evolut R (CBS Detroit, Indianapolis Business Journal, etc. - Michael Grossman)

10/8/2014: Newly Vigilant, U.S. Will Screen Fliers for Ebola (New York Times - Howard Markel)

10/7/2014: Many adults support equal access to healthcare for undocumented immigrant children (Health Canal, The Medical News, etc. - Matt Davis)

10/7/2014: Patient surpass provider messaging — No more clarity on released Ebola patient in Texas (Politico - Julia Adler-Milstein)

10/6/2014: U-M gets $1.6M research grant (Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, etc.  - Milisa Manojlovich)

10/6/2014: Is Ebola Here to Stay? "That's Our Biggest Fear." (New Republic - Howard Markel)

10/6/2014: Weighing the health costs of high school football (PBS Newshour, etc. - Steven Broglio)

10/2/2014: Four 'holy grail' objectives for future public health (Free News Pos - Scott Greer)

10/1/2014: High-Intensity' Hospitals Save More Elderly After Surgery (U.S. News & World Report, etc. - Amir Ghaferi)

10/1/2014: Study examines medical professional liability claims related to esophageal cancer screening ( - Joel Rubenstein)

10/1/2014: Hospitalists Adopt Strategies to Become More Responsible Prescribers of Antibiotics (Hospitalist - Scott Flanders)

10/1/2014: The Great Foreskin Debate: Why the Midwest leads the world in infant circumcision and what the hell that says about us (Metro Times - Online - Sarah Clark)

10/1/2014: Researchers develop, validate eight GI symptom scales (Orthopedics Today - Dinesh Khanna)

9/30/2014: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, U-M to Improve Anesthesiology Processes (Detroit (WWJ-TV - Online), etc. - Sachin Kheterpal)

9/30/2014: BioMed Central to publish open-access journal in collaboration with the University of Michigan (EurekAlert!, etc. - Peter Arvan)

9/30/2014: Obamacare Just Took a Hit in Court. Will SCOTUS Care? (New Republic - Nicholas Bagley)

9/29/2014: How the Tylenol murders of 1982 changed the way we consume medication (PBS - Howard Markel)

9/26/2014: Citizen Hackers Concoct Upgrades for Medical Devices (Wall Street Journal, etc. - Joyce Lee)

9/25/2014: Dentists meet increased demand as health care act widens (, etc. - Tom Buchmueller, Sarah Miller)

9/25/2014: No Appointment Necessary? Ethical Challenges in Treating Friends and Family (NEJM Sounding Board - Katherine Gold, Katherine Moseley, Edward Goldman)

9/25/2014: Does Medicare reimbursement favor surgeons? (Becker's ASC Review - Kevin Kerber)

9/24/2014: Diabetes doctor turns into a graphic designer to get patients' attention (MedCity News - Joyce Lee)

9/24/2014: Teenage mothers at higher risk of obesity, claim experts (Daily Bhaskar - Tammy Chang)

9/23/2014: Nature Group Walks Linked to Improved Mental Health (, MSN Health, Outside, New York Magazine, etc. - Sarah Warber)

9/23/2014: EpiPens Could Come to Restaurants, Stadiums (WILX-TV - Matthew Greenhawt)

9/22/2014: Online ratings influence parents' choices of physicians for their children (HealthDay,, etc. - David Hanauer)

9/22/2014: Think the system for paying US doctors is rigged to favor surgeons? Study may surprise you (ScienceDaily, etc. - Kevin Kerber)

9/22/2014: Stopping the slow killers: research coalition tackles non-communicable diseases (, etc. - Christine Ngaruiya)

9/21/2014: Canadian physicians get advice on how to handle 'rate my doctor' websites (Ottawa Citizen, etc. - David Hanauer)

9/18/2014: Birth Control Discussions Can Lead To Partner Violence: An Argument For Intervention Programs (Medical Daily - Vijah Singh)

9/17/2014: How Insurers Are Finding Ways to Shift Costs to the Sick (New York Times, etc. - Mark Fendrick)

9/16/2014: Insurance coverage, provider preference affect who gets bariatric surgery (Modern Healthcare, etc. - Justin Dimick)

9/16/2014: Ways States Can (Try to) Tame Health Premiums (Governing - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

9/15/2014: A preview of Affordable Care Act marketplace, year 2 (Michigan Radio - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

9/12/2014: Thyroid cancer treatment no longer 'one-size-fits-all' approach ( - Megan Haymart)

9/11/2014: Primary care doctors reluctant to provide genetics assessment in routine care (Newswise, etc. - Beth Tarini)

9/10/2014: Online dating aggression linked to community violence (, etc. - Maureen Walton, Marc Zimmerman, Stephen Chermack, Rebecca Cunningham)

9/10/2014: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? (U.S. News & World Report, etc. - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

9/10/2014: How the Humble Text Message Can Help Democratize Healthcare (Health Data Management - Tammy Chang)

9/9/2014: Enterovirus may be culprit behind respiratory problems for Michigan kids (Detroit Free Press, etc. - Matt Davis)

9/8/2014: Bariatric surgery study shows change in preferred method for weight loss ( - Justin Dimick)

9/8/2014: To admit or not to admit: Variation in hospitalizations from ER costs billions (U-M News Service - Keith Kocher, Brahmajee Nallamothu)

9/8/2014: Mandated Disclosure Laws -- Another Policy Failure That Politicians Can't Resist (Forbes - Carl Schneider)

9/8/2014: A Comparison Of How Four Countries Use Health IT To Support Care For People With Chronic Conditions (Health Affairs - Julia Adler-Milstein)

9/5/2014: A History of Vaccination ( - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

9/5/2014: Governor Snyder and Blue Cross announce 58 Michigan schools as 2014-2015 Building Healthy Communities recipients (CBS Detroit (WWJ-TV - Online),, etc. - Kim Eagle)

9/5/2014: New $2.3 million workplace intervention aims to reduce exposure risk for oncology nurses (U-M News Service - Christopher Friese)

9/4/2014: Pharmacists and Medical Homes: A Potent Mix? (Pharmacy Practice News - Hae Mi Choe)

9/3/2014: Can Big Data and patient-informed consent coexist? (Politico, etc. - Julia Adler-Milstein)

9/3/2014: Opinions: Controversial View Of Freedom; A $20,000 CT Scan (Kaiser Health News, etc. - Nicholas Bagley)

9/3/2014: After losing son, ex-Lions QB Eric Hipple battles against depression, suicide (Detroit News - Marcia Valenstein)

9/2/2014: Just who would be 'freed' if the Obamacare subsidies are thrown out? (Los Angeles Times - Nicholas Bagley)

8/29/2014: Our Roommates, Ourselves (Atlantic Online, etc. - Daniel Eisenberg)

8/26/2014: Wellness program tensions draw in feds (Healthcare Payer News - Nicholas Bagley)

8/25/2014: The case for data visualization to enhance online patient portal usability (Becker's Hospital Review - Online - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

8/25/2014: Study reveals opportunity for improvement in hospital infection rates (UM-News Service - Donald Likosky)

8/23/2014: Why more men than women kill themselves (Japan Times - Harold Neighbors)

8/22/2014: 6 success factors for HIE participation by a health system (FierceHealthIT - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/22/2014: Obama Tweaks the Birth Control Mandate--and the Right Is Still Angry (New Republic - Nicholas Bagley)

8/21/2014: How to find new evidence to back digital health initiatives (Modern Healthcare - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/21/2014: You can show patients test results, but will they understand them? (Modern Healthcare, etc. - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

8/21/2014: Higher rates of medicine-based therapies may not prevent blood clots for many hospitalized patients ( - Scott Flanders)

8/19/2014: Common sense health care reforms can save billions ( - David Hutton)

8/19/2014: States step in to regulate drug copays (Healthcare Payer News - Mark Fendrick)

8/17/2014: Hospitals must help patients access digital records -- or else (Columbus Dispatch - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/16/2014: New poll finds some surprising answers concerning children's health (Michigan Radio - Matt Davis)

8/14/2014: Washtenaw County vaccination rates fall behind state averages (MLive - Matt Davis)

8/7/2014: Hospitals could face penalties for missing electronic health record deadline (ScienceDaily, etc. - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/7/2014: Only 6 Percent of Hospitals Meet Electronic Records Requirements (U.S. News & World Report - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/6/2014: Beyond the hype, what's the evidence for digital health's benefits? (Modern Healthcare - Julia Adler-Milstein)

8/6/2014: In New Calculus on Smoking, It's Health Gained vs. Pleasure Lost (New York Times - Kenneth Warner)

8/5/2014: Less family support increases risk of binge drinking, marijuana use among urban youth ( - Marc Zimmerman)

8/1/2014: White House Asks Full Appeals Court To Overturn Anti-Obamacare Ruling (Talking Points Memo - Nicholas Bagley)

7/31/2014: Federal bill gives boost to UM's chronic care insurance research (Crain's Detroit Business - Mark Fendrick)

7/30/2014: Happy 49th birthday Medicare (PBS - Howard Markel)

7/29/2014: Obamacare giveth, but courts could taketh away (Bridge Michigan - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

7/28/2014: Harry Reid Might End Up Saving Obamacare (Business Insider - Nicholas Bagley)

7/28/2014: The Lessons Thus Far From the Transition to Digital Patient Records (New York Times - Julia Adler-Milstein)

7/27/2014: Type 2 diabetes is best left untreated in many cases, researchers say (Natural News, etc. - Sandeep Vijan)

7/25/2014: ACR statement on cancer study regarding patient anxiety from CT lung cancer screening (PSYS.ORG - Ella Kazerooni)

7/25/2014: Was Quarantine The Right Move? (Popular Science - Online - Howard Markel)

7/24/2014: No Panic as Obamacare Subsidies Seem Safe for Future (Bloomberg - Nicholas Bagley)

7/24/2014: Joblessness could kill you, but recessions could be good for your health (EurekAlert!, etc. - James House, Sarah Burgard, Robert Schoeni)

7/22/2014: Health law rulings may affect Mich. Subsidies (Detroit News - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

7/22/2014: Latest Obamacare legal knot won't be easy to untangle (NBC News, Huffington Post, etc. - Nicholas Bagley)

7/22/2014: Why a federal court just ruled Obamacare subsidies are illegal in 36 states (Vox - Nicholas Bagley)

7/21/2014: What The Odds Fail To Capture When A Health Crisis Hits (NPR - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

7/21/2014: Parents want info about circumcision, not directives from healthcare providers (Health Canal, etc. - Sarah Clark)

7/17/2014: For the sickest emergency patients, death risk is lowest at busiest emergency centers (U.S. News & World Report, CBS News, etc. - Keith Kocher)

7/17/2014: Exploring a Culture of Health: How Can We Visualize Health Data for Better Communication? (Discover - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

7/17/2014: Michigan gets grant for mental health initiative (Detroit Free Press, FoxSports, etc. - Daniel Eisenberg)

7/17/2014: Learning to improve health care: U-M Medical School expands research and initiatives for learning at all levels (U-M News Service - Charles Friedman)

7/17/2014: A Chip Offers a Faster and Cheaper Test for Type 1 Diabetes (Technology Review - Joyce Lee)

7/16/2014: Tobacco Deal Gives Menthol Critics a New Soapbox (Bloomberg News - Ken Warner)

7/15/2014: US Alzheimer's Rate Seems to Be Dropping (ABC News - Ken Langa)

7/14/2014: Gap between imaging, therapy stymies swift stroke care (Cardiovascular Business - Kori Sauser)

7/14/2014: Morning Plum: When GOP anti-government sentiment collides with reality (The Washington Post - Nicholas Bagley)

7/13/2014: Vasectomy Linked to Higher Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer (Medscape Medical News - David Miller)

7/12/2014: We must save lives by stopping this silent killer (Detroit Free Press - Marianne Udow-Phillips, Theodore Iwashyna)

7/11/2014: Tobacco is still America's top health threat. But Washington doesn't treat it that way. (Wonkblog - Ken Warner)

7/10/2014: John Boehner's Lawsuit Against Obama Proves the President Isn't Lawless (The New Republic, Christian Science Monitor - Nicholas Bagley)

7/9/2014: Muscle and Bone Injuries, Mental Disorders Plagued U.S. Iraq War Vets (MSN Health, Michigan Radio, etc. - Andrew Schoenfeld)

7/8/2014: What Looks Like Overcharging By Your Hospital Might Not Be (NPR - Julia Adler-Milstein)

7/8/2014: Will the Supreme Court get another shot at Obamacare? (CBS News - Nicholas Bagley)

7/8/2014: New study finds that extreme obesity leads to early death (Detroit Free Press - Jonathan Finks)

7/3/2014: Study examines impact on surgery following national health insurance expansion (U-M Health System Public Relations - John Ayanian,
David Miller)

7/3/2014: At a YMCA Near You, a Course for a Diabetic Nation (New York Times - Michelle Heisler)

7/2/2014: One in Six Adolescents in the ER Has Experienced Dating Violence (U.S. News & World Report, etc. - Vijah Singh, Maureen Walton, Stephen Chermack)

6/30/2014: Insulin, other drugs may do more harm than good for some diabetes patients (U-M Health System Public Relations,, etc. - Rodney Hayward, Sandeep Vijan)

6/29/2014: A pattern of errors but not scrutiny (New York Times, The Bulletin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - James Bagian)

6/27/2014: Hospital HIE Participation Varies Widely (Health Data Management - Julia Adler-Milstein)

6/26/2014: Michigan merger points to national trend (Managed Healthcare Executive - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

6/25/2014: Taking the 'random' out: New approach to medical studies could boost participation (Science Daily, etc. - William Meurer, William Barsan)

6/25/2014: Frailty Risk-More than Just Long-Term Care and Health Care Expenses (Forbes - Christine Cigolle)

6/24/2014: Stem Cells Aid Survival in Scleroderma (MedPage Today, Newswise - Dinesh Khanna)

6/24/2014: Sweating the Small Stuff (OnEarth Magazine - Andrew Maynard)

6/23/2014: ER Visits Peak When Kids Barred From Child Care (U-M Health System Public Relations, HealthDay, etc. - Andrew Hashikawa, Matthew Davis)

6/23/2014: National Cancer Policy Forum Studies High Cost of Oncology Drugs (LWWJournals - Mark Fendrick)

6/23/2014: Study shows overall poor health of those receiving Medicaid (Michigan Network Radio - Darrell Campbell)

6/22/2014: Concussion Rates Double Among High School Athletes ( - Steven Broglio)

6/20/2014: Doctors don't adequately discuss cancer screenings with patients (New York Daily News, Reuters, etc. - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

6/20/2014: Medicare Must Cover Lung-Cancer Screenings (NewsMax - Ella Kazerooni)

6/16/2014: In era of health reform, Medicaid expansion, free clinics evolve to care for more than just the uninsured (Crains Detroit Business - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

6/16/2014: Helping patients train for surgery earns $6.4M Health Care Innovation Award (IT Business Net, etc. - Darrell Campbell, Michael Englesbe)

6/16/2014: How Dr. Heimlich got his maneuver 40 years ago (PBS Newshour - Howard Markel)

6/16/2014: Cover the bases: Sports physicals are no substitute for comprehensive checkups (Health Canal, etc. - Sarah Clark)

6/14/2014: Nurses help lead large trial to test fall interventions ( - Marita Titler)

6/13/2014: 5 Ways to Manage Sepsis (Formulary - Jack Iwashyna, Marianne Udow-Phillips)

6/12/2014: Taking stroke care to the next level: U-M Comprehensive Stroke Program earns elite status (ScienceDaily, etc. - William Meurer)

6/12/2014: Teen Smoking Is Way Down. But What About E-cigs? (Time - Ken Warner)

6/11/2014: About 12,500 in Michigan to get surgery boot camp (Detroit Free Press, etc. - Darrell Campbell)

6/11/2014: Shifting the Focus on Specialty Medications (MLive, etc. - Mark Fendrick)

6/10/2014: Does Oscar Sound Cooler Than Aetna? (New York Magazine - Charles Friedman)

6/9/2014: Work to join public health, primary care moves ahead: Breaking down silos (The Nation's Health - Catherine McLaughlin)

6/9/2014: Michigan sees sharp rise in hospitalizations for serious bloodstream infections (Mlive, etc. - Jack Iwashyna)

6/6/2014: Scale of medical decisions shifts to offer varied balances of power (LA Times - Carl Schneider)

6/6/2014: One Blockbuster Drug Explains A Lot About Our Out-Of-Control Healthcare Costs (Business Insider - David Hutton)

6/4/2014: ASCO: Medicaid Pay Tied to Waits for Breast Cancer Surgery (MedpageToday - Sandra Wong)

6/4/2014: Oregon school district to offer condoms to students starting in 6th grade (Reuters, etc. - Antonia Villarruel)

6/3/2014: New Studies Suggest Statins Do Not Prevent Flare-Ups From Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (U-M Health System Public Relations - Fernando Martinez)

6/2/2014: Calling an Ordinary Health Problem a Disease Leads to Bigger Problems (New York Times - Beth Tarini)

6/2/2014: Half of Pregnant Women who have hypertension and snore unknowingly have a sleep disorder (Newswise, etc. - Louise O'Brien)

6/2/2014: Cheaper eye drug could save Medicare $18 billion (Bloomberg News, Chicago Tribune, etc. - David Hutton, Joshua Stein)

6/2/2014: Surgeons Know Bad Surgeons When They See Them (Forbes - John Birkmeyer)

6/1/2014: FDA calculates costs of lost enjoyment if e-cigarette rules prevent smoking (Thomson Reuters UK Online, etc. - Ken Warner)

6/1/2014: The Oncologist Defines ‘Value of Care’ (AJMC - Reshma Jagsi)

5/29/2014: Michigan part of concussion study effort (The Detroit News - Steven Broglio)

5/28/2014: Data: The secret ingredient in hospital cooperation (Marketplace - Julia Adler-Milstein)

5/28/2014: Michigan health projects get more than $15 million (Crains Detroit Business)

5/21/2014: Does Your Doctor Feel More Like a Medical Clerk? (US News & World Report - Mike Klinkman)

5/21/2014: Double Mastectomy Often Not Needed, Study Finds (HealthDay, WebMD, NBC News, CBS News, etc. - Sarah Hawley)

5/20/2014: Parents of overweight kids more likely to give schools failing grades for fighting obesity (U-M Health System Public Relations, Yahoo News, etc. - Matthew Davis)

5/19/2014: Sepsis contributes to as many as half of all hospital deaths in U.S., study says (U-M Health System Public Relations - Jack Iwashyna)

5/17/2014: Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law's Bottom Line (New York Times - Darrell Campbell)

5/16/2014: Critical access hospitals have higher transfer rates after surgery (U-M Health System Public Relations - Justin Dimick, David Miller)

5/16/2014: Health insurers pull back the curtain on pricing (Marketplace - Nicholas Bagley)

5/16/2014: University of Michigan Health System starts $300k search for new CEO (Mlive, The Michigan Daily - Paul Lee)

5/15/2014: Worker Illness After Nanomaterial Exposure Examined in First U.S. Case Study on Issue (Bloomberg BNA - Andrew Maynard)

5/13/2014: Getting enough shut-eye affects women's health (Montgomery Advertiser - Ronald Chervin)

5/12/2014: Obesity higher in neighborhoods with more fast food (U-M News Service - Daniel Kruger)

5/12/2014: Surgery study shows worse health, more problems and higher costs among Medicaid patients (U-M Health System Public Relations - Darrell Campbell, Michael Englesbe)

5/9/2014: IRS Urged To Broaden Preventive Coverage in High-Deductible Plans (Kaiser Health News, The Washington Post, etc. - Mark Fendrick)

5/8/2014: How to Describe Medical Symptoms to Your Doctors (US News & World Report, Yahoo News - Michael Klinkman)

5/8/2014: Obamacare Hater, Lover Harmonize on "Clinical Nuance" (Forbes - Mark Fendrick)

5/7/2014: Find free care, fast: New website will create national index of safety net clinics (Mlive, The State Journal Online, U-M Health System Public Relations, etc. - Sanjay Saint, Joel Howell)

5/7/2014: Medicaid Expansion Increases Use of Specialty Operations in the State of New York (Newswise - Oluseyi Aliu, Kevin Chung)

5/6/2014: Birth control and health equity (The Detroit News - Michelle Moniz)

5/6/2014: Cardiovascular Center performs 300th TAVR to replace failing aortic valve (U-M Health System Public Relations - Michael Grossman)

5/6/2014: Surviving through age 18 in Detroit (The Detroit News - Matthew Davis)

5/6/2014: The Devastation of 1918: Finding Pockets of Hope in the Great Flu Pandemic (Pacific Standard - Howard Markel)

5/5/2014: Hundreds of lives saved by universal healthcare in US (New Scientist - John Ayanian)

5/4/2014: Women and PAD: Excellent treatment outcomes in spite of disease severity (U-M Health System Public Relations - Michael Grossman, Elizabeth Jackson)

4/30/2014: Doctors not always sure when to treat BP in people with diabetes (Science Codex - EveKerr, Timothy Hofer)

4/29/2014: Cancer Plus Chemo Might Put Your Job At Risk (NPR - Reshma Jagsi)

4/29/2014: Learn how to limit screen time for kids (Yahoo News - Matt Davis)

4/29/2014: Medicare Advisers Say No to Lung Cancer Screening (MedpageToday - Ella Kazerooni, Mark Fendrick)

4/29/2014: Parents Likely to Engage In Distracted Driving, Putting Child Passengers At Risk (ABC News Radio, Health Canal, etc. - Michelle Macy)

4/29/2014: Value-Based Insurance Design Winning Bipartisan Support (Bloomberg BNA, American Journal of Managed Care - Mark Fendrick

4/28/2014: Q&A: Talking Dialysis Trends (MedpageToday - Friedrich Port)

4/27/2014: Parents and Children Deserve Genetic Privacy (US News & World Report - Beth Tarini)

4/24/2014: Doctors can learn a lot from dentists (Marketplace - Tom Buchmueller)

4/22/2014: Lead poisoning is still damaging Michigan kids (Michigan Radio - Matthew Davis)

4/22/2014: Work hassles hamper sleep (Science Codex - Sarah Burgard)

4/21/2014: E-Cig Industry Awaits Looming Federal Regulation (The New York Times - Kenneth Warner)

4/21/2014: More than two-thirds of Americans support mandated coverage of birth control in health plans (U-M Health System Public Relations - Michelle Moniz, Tammy Chang, Matthew Davis)

4/21/2014: Provider supply can stretch (BenefitsPro, ProducersWEB - Thomas Buchmueller)

4/20/2014: Red States Seeking Approval For Alternatives to ACA Expansion (Bloomberg BNA - John Ayanian)

4/20/2014: U-M analysis: Rural health care options more limited in Michigan (The Detroit News - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

4/16/2014: Debating Halbig and PPACA Implementation (The Washington Post - Nicholas Bagley)

4/16/2014: Experts propose new approach to manage the most troubling symptoms of dementia, lessen use of drugs (U-M Health System Public Relations - Helen Kales)

4/16/2014: Study quantifies adherence to recommended surveillance colonoscopy in average-risk patients (News Medical - Stacy Menees)

4/15/2014: Halbig v. Sebelius - The Next Threat to Obamacare? (National Journal - Nicholas Bagley)

4/15/2014: Radiation Publications Underrepresented in High-Impact General Medical and Oncology Journals (Cancer Network. - Reshma Jagsi)

4/14/2014: Prolonged and heavy bleeding during menopause is common (Sioban Harlow - U.S. News & World Report, WebMD, etc.)

4/14/2014: Swedish study supports newborn congenital adrenal hyperplasia screening (News Daily - Beth Tarini)

4/13/2014: AJMC: Adler-Milstein to Serve as Guest Editor of Annual HIT Issue (Daily Herald, etc. - Julia Adler-Milstein)

4/13/2014: Questioning the notion of boomers as "old" (Boomer Cafe - Victor Strecher)

4/10/2014: New Health Secretary to Confront Health Care Reform Hurdles(MSN Health, etc. - Richard Hirth)

4/10/2014: 3 New Treatments for COPD (ABC 7 - Fernando Martinez)

4/10/2014: NCAA Grants Will Fund Research That Benefits Student-Athletes ( - Daniel Eisenberg)

4/10/2014: Nobody Blames Doctors for High Medical Costs. That's About to Change. (The New Republic - Nicholas Bagley)

4/9/2014: Stressful environments genetically affect African-American boys (Science Daily, etc. - Arline Geronimus)

4/9/2014: Medicare payments to U-M providers (U-M Health System Public Relations)

4/8/2014: NHCA Announces 2014 Executive Council (The Hearing Review - Marjorie McCullagh)

4/7/2014: A middle road for Medicaid expansion? (U-M Health System Public Relations, Science Daily, etc. - John Ayanian)

4/7/2014: U-M Risk Science Center part of new food ingredient safety research (U-M News Service - Andrew Maynard, Diana Bowman)

4/3/2014: Advance directives reach record levels, but this does not lead to more hospice use, researchers find (McKnight's - Maria Silveira)

4/3/2014: Can Twitter Predict the Economy Better Than Wall Street Economists? (Wall Street Journal - Matthew Shapiro)

4/3/2014: Flipping the switch on scleroderma (Science Daily, etc. - Dinesh Khanna)

4/3/2014: Medical schools to meet at U-M to discuss how to adapt to Affordable Care Act (The Detroit News - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

4/3/2014: Subject to debate: Do the Obamacare delays break the law? (Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun - Nicholas Bagley)

4/2/2014: Aspirin Flops for Postop MI Prevention (MedPageToday - Kim Eagle)

4/2/2014: Nearly Three-Quarters of U.S. Seniors Having Living Wills (US News & World Report,, Yahoo Health, etc. - Maria Silveira)

4/2/2014: Perspective: The Legality of Delaying Key Elements of the ACA (The New England Journal of Medicine - Nicholas Bagley)

4/2/2014: Record Number of Older Adults Completing Living Wills, Trend Had Little Impact on Hospitalization Rates (Newswise, etc. - Maria Silveira, John Piette)

4/1/2014: Overuse of Blood Transfusions Increases Infection Risk (U-M Health System Public Relations, etc. - Mary Rogers, Sanjay Saint)

3/30/2014: Sign-ups for health care coverage due (Detroit News - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

3/30/2014: Why Playing Minecraft Might Be More Healthful For Kids Than TV (NPR - Elizabeth Jackson)

3/29/2014: Stroke researchers mark 20 years of health disparity research (U-M Health System Public Relations - Lewis Morgenstern, Lisabeth Lynda)

3/28/2014: TV linked to poor snacking habits, heart risk in middle schoolers (U-M Health System Public Relations - Elizabeth Jackson)

3/28/2014: When is surgery best option for prostate cancer? (Guardian Media - Lee Green)

3/26/2014: Consider Pursuing a Career in Health Informatics (US News & World Report - Charles Friedman)

3/26/2014: What the Obamacare 'Special Enrollment Period' Extension Actually Means (The Wire - Nicholas Bagley)

3/25/2014: 7 Things You Don't (But Should) Know About Geriatric Psychiatrists (Care2 - Helen Kales)

3/25/2014: Twenty-five percent of breast cancer survivors report financial decline due to treatment (Health News Digest, etc. - Reshma Jagsi)

3/24/2014: Integrating mental health services in pediatric practices feasible, effective (EurekAlert, etc. - Amy Kilbourne)

3/24/2014: Kids learn stroke signs through imitation (Yahoo News, NPR, Fox News, etc. - Lewis Morgenstern)

3/20/2014: Computer Health Pioneer Victor Strecher Receives 2014 Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award (PR Inside - Victor Strecher)

3/20/2014: Michigan researchers banishing Eating for Two myth (WZZM13 - Michelle Moniz)

3/20/2014: Sleep Apnea Linked to Brainstem Infarcts (Neurology Today - Devin Brown)

3/19/2014: Sulfonylurea Treatment After Metformin Could Cost Less, Offer Better Quality-Adjusted Life-Years (Bio News Texas - Brian Denton)

3/19/2014: Value-Based Insurance Design: Infusing Clinical Nuance Into Healthcare Transformation (AJMC - Mark Fendrick, John Ayanian)

3/18/2014: Most parents don't favor bans on nuts in schools, including those with allergic kids (U-M Health System Public Relations - Sarah Clark)

3/17/2014: After Metformin, Are Newer Drugs Better for Type 2 Diabetes? (American Journal of Public Health Online -Brian Denton)

3/17/2014: Doctors Use 3-D Printing To Help A Baby Breathe (NPR - Richard Ohye)

3/17/2014: Hot Topics: Risk Management (MedpageToday - Peter Jacobson)

3/17/2014: How to Extend the Obamacare Enrollment Period (National Journal - Nicholas Bagley)

3/17/2014: Study: Before a CT scan or angiogram, many people should take inexpensive drug to protect kidneys (Science Codex - Aine Kelly)

3/17/2014: Too Many Unneeded Brain Scans for Headaches, Study Suggests (WebMD, CBS News, Huffington Post, etc. - Brian Callaghan)

3/16/2014: More breast cancer survivors opting for reconstruction (Detroit Free Press, etc. - Reshma Jagsi)

3/16/2014: New CON rules de-emphasize open heart surgery numbers as quality measurement (Crain's Detroit Business - Richard Prager)

3/15/2014: Colorectal Cancer Screening: Quality Measures Should Focus on Patient Benefit Over Age Alone, Study Reports (The ASCO Post - Eve Kerr, Sameer Saini)

3/15/2014: Hospital Alarms Pose Risk For Patients: Study (Science World Report - Vineet Chopra)

3/14/2014: Higher mortality risks for patients at hospitals serving low-income population (FierceHealthcare - Amir Ghaferi)

3/13/2014: Diverticulitis? Don't Be Too Quick to Get Surgery (Bottom Line Publications - Arden Morris)

3/13/2014: Mexican-Americans Fare Worse After Stroke, Study Finds (Aetna InteliHealth, EurekAlert, U-M News Service, etc. - Lynda Lisabeth

3/13/2014: Survival post-surgery linked to hospital differences (Reuters, etc.- Amir Ghaferi)

3/12/2014: Acute events and related diseases (La Voz - Devin Brown)

3/11/2014: Alarmed and Dangerous? Too much noise from hospital alarms poses risk for patients (U-M Health System Public Relations - Vineet Chopra, Larry McMahon)

3/11/2014: As Key Deadline Looms, Challenges Face Obamacare (US News & World Report - John Ayanian)

3/11/2014: Senior Citizens Being Denied Proper Access to Cancer Care; Evidence, Protests Growing (Senior Journal - Sameer Saini, Eve Kerr)

3/11/2014: Study shows doctor's offices can help stem abuse of Oxycontin, other narcotic painkillers (Science Codex - Jennifer Meddings)

3/11/2014: Surgery, therapy effective against obesity; more should get both (Bridge Michigan, Mlive - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

3/10/2014: Article Offers Guidance on Discussing PSA Screening With Patients (HealthDayNews - John Hollingsworth)

3/10/2014: Black Women and Lupus: A Survivor's Story (Ebony - Emily Somers)

3/10/2014: Increased use of breast reconstruction after mastectomy varied geographically (Healio - Reshma Jagsi)

3/10/2014: Michigan recognizes Fibromuscular Dysplasia Awareness Day March 11 (U-M Health System Public Relations - Kim Eagle)

3/10/2014: Prevent Blindness Announces Third Annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit (Vision Monday - Josh Stein)

3/10/2014: U-M innovation competition challenges students to tackle public health problems (U-M News Service - Victor Strecher)

3/9/2014: Celebrating Women Doctors and Scientists Tackling Breast Cancer (The Daily Beast - Sofia Merajver)

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3/7/2014: Diabetes Guideline Changes May Lead to Underdiagnosis in Children (Today's Dietitian - Joyce Lee)

3/6/2014: 3 questions to ask before taking antibiotics (MarketWatch - Scott Flanders)

3/6/2014: Inadequate sleep predicts risk of heart disease, diabetes in obese adolescents (U-M Health System Public Relations - Susan Woolford)

3/6/2014: Surgery May Be Best for Young Men With Prostate Cancer (ABC News, etc. - Lee Green)

3/6/2014: Why fighting Obamacare is futile (The Detroit News - Nicholas Bagley)

3/5/2014: CDC: Hospitals contributing to rise of superbugs (Hartford Business Journal, etc. - Scott Flanders)

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3/4/2014: Reliable Pretreatment Information Assists Prostate Cancer Patients in Decision-Making (Medical News Today, etc. - John Wei)

3/4/2014: Treatment costs vary for U.S. children born with heart defects (kait8 - Sara Pasquali)

3/4/2014: Doctor 'chagrin' among reasons why antibiotics may be overused at hospitals (U-M Health System Public Relations - Scott Flanders, Sanjay Saint)

3/4/2014: Anger outbursts linked to swift heart attacks (Channel NewsAsia, AAJ News, Geo Television Network, Science Daily, etc. - Brahmajee Nallamothu)

3/3/2014: Female doctors spend more time than male doctors on parenting, household tasks (U-M Health System Public Relations, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, etc. - Reshma Jagsi)

3/3/2014: Can Hepatitis C Be Cured? (WebMD - Anna Lok)

3/3/2014: Campaigns aimed at promoting vaccines may backfire (NBC News, Globe and Mail - Gary Freed)

3/1/2014: How Risky, Really, Is That Chemical? (Scientific American - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

2/27/2014: Antonia Villarruel will be next Nursing School dean (The Daily Pennsylvanian - Antonia Villarruel)

2/27/2014: Newer Diabetes Drugs Cost More, But May Not Work Better (U-M News Service - Brian Denton)

2/27/2014: Popularity contest masquerades as doctor quality data (Democrat & Chronicle - David Hanauer)

2/27/2014: Smarter Colorectal Screening Could Improve Senior Health (U-M Health System Public Relations - Sameer Saini, Eve Kerr)

2/25/2014: A roommate's influence (The Bulletin, Well - Daniel Eisenberg)

2/24/2014: Some antibacterials come with worrisome silver lining (TimesNews, Kingsport Times, etc. - Andrew Maynard)

2/24/2014: To diagnose prostate cancer faster, scientists bring aboard engineers (CNET - Brian Denton)

2/23/2014: Federal crackdown on Medicare fraud in metro Detroit hits it big (Crain's Detroit Business - Nicholas Bagley)

2/23/2014: No Difference Found in Treatments for Acute Kidney Failure (MedicineNet - Richard Swartz)

2/21/2014: Low Pre-Pregnancy Levels of Specific Protein Linked to Higher Risk of Diabetes During Pregnancy (Health News Digest, MLive, etc. - Catherine Kim)

2/21/2014: Attorney General Bill Schuette backs lawsuit that would gut tax credits for health coverage (Detroit Free Press - Nicholas Bagley)

2/20/2014: Programs to prevent psychological problems in troops questioned (Los Angeles Times - Kenneth Warner)

2/20/2014: U-M Awarded Federal Grant to Track Kidney Disease in the U.S. (U-M Health System Public Relations - Rajiv Saran, Yi Li, Bruce Robinson)

2/20/2014: On Improving Care and Reducing Cost for BPPV Treatment in the ER (Neurology Today - Kevin Kerber)

2/19/2014: 4 Key Insights on Addressing Cost Variation for Specialty Services (Becker's Hospital Review - David Miller, John Birkmeyer)

2/19/2014: Professor discusses issues surrounding Obamacare's implementation (Michigan Daily - Scott Greer)

2/19/2014: Stroke That Affects Brainstem May Raise Risk Of Sleep Apnea (Huffington Post, MSN Health, WebMD, etc. - Devin Brown)

2/18/2014: More Breast Cancer Patients Choosing Reconstructive Surgery, Study Finds (US News & World Report, etc. - Reshma Jagsi)

2/18/2014: Public awareness and use of online doctor ratings on the rise (USA Today, Reuters, etc. - David Hanauer, Matt Davis, Kai Zheng)

2/18/2014: U-M School of Public Health, Detroit partners aim to improve air quality in the city (U-M News Service - Amy Jo Schulz)

2/17/2014: Are death rates the best way to measure stroke care? Study suggests no (U-M Health System Public Relations - James Burke, Lewis Morgenstern, Darin Zahuranec)

2/17/2014: Is It a Health-Law Rewrite or Legitimate Delay? (The Wall Street Journal - Nicholas Bagley)

2/17/2014: Obese children at greater risk of serious elbow injuries, complications from falls (U-M Health System Public Relations - Joel Gagnier)

2/17/2014: Stroke Speeds Long-Term Brain Deficits (MedpageToday - Deborah Levine)

2/15/2014: Some antibacterials come with worrisome silver lining ( - Andrew Maynard)

2/14/2014: Do Republican presidents produce higher infant mortality rates? (The Washington Post - John Bound, Arline Geronimus)

2/14/2014: New treatment could reduce kids' peanut allergies ( - Matthew Greenhawt)

2/14/2014: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Goes Undiagnosed In MS Patients, Worsening Fatigue (Medical Daily - Tiffany Braley)

2/13/2014: West Health Policy Center launches study with Harvard and University of Michigan on expanding insurance options for chronically-ill patients (MLive, State Journal Online, IT Business Net, etc. - Mark Fendrick)

2/12/2014: Guidelines: No ink on tumor is adequate surgical margin for early-stage breast cancer (The Oncology Report - Reshma Jagsi)

2/12/2014: Real Talk About Abortion (PacificStandard - Lisa Harris)

2/12/2014: Stroke Can Cause Sleep Apnea in Some Patients (USNWR, etc., U-M Health System Public Relations - Devin Brown)

2/12/2014: Technology Helps Bridge Gap In Michigan’s Mental Health Care (Kaiser Health News, MedCity News,etc. - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

2/12/2014: Tired All the Time: Could Undiagnosed Sleep Problems Be Making MS Patients’ Fatigue Worse? (U-M Health System Public Relations - Ronald Chervin, Tiffany Braley)

2/12/2014: Use of mortality as measure of stroke care questioned (U-M Health System Public Relations - Darin Zahuranec, Lewis Morgenstern, Jim Burke)

2/11/2014: Guideline on Lumpectomy Margins Should Reduce Re-excision (American Journal of Public Health Online - Reshma Jagsi)

2/11/2014: Healthcare mandate delay may be illegal, but challenges unlikely (Chicago Tribune - Nicholas Bagley)

2/11/2014: U-M Startup AlertWatch Gains FDA Clearance to Sell Patient Monitoring Software (U-M News Service / U-M Health System Public Relations - James Bagian)

2/11/2014: Change in guidelines for type 2 diabetes screening tests may lead to under-diagnosis in children (U-M Health System Public Relations - Joyce Lee, Beth Tarini)

2/11/2014: Longevity offers new later-life choices (Herald-Tribune - Victor Strecher)

2/10/2014: ACOs & cardiology: Trend hints at some alignment (Cardiovascular Business - Aliu Oluseyi)

2/10/2014: Health Information Exchanges between Hospitals Benefit the Patient (HospiMedica - Keith Kocher)

2/10/2014: Infection is a stronger trigger of stroke death in African-Americans than whites (Examiner - Ken Langa, Deborah Levine, Mary Rogers)

2/9/2014: Health data analysis firm ArborMetrix gets funding lift (Crain's Detroit Business - John Birkmeyer, Justin Dimick, James Montie)

2/9/2014: Health Officials Increasingly Contemplate End Of Smoking (Huffington Post, Fox News, Japan Today, Omaha World Herald, etc. - Ken Warner, David Mendez)

2/9/2014: Ann Arbor mom's journey through grief leads to helping others with rare infant disease (Detroit Free Press - Samir Gadepalli)

2/7/2014: Grad school, a new job - and then a cancer diagnosis (USA Today - Samuel Silver)

2/6/2014: Women's rights are good for men's health (U-M News Service - Daniel Kruger)

2/4/2014: How states can encourage web-based health care in hospitals (U-M News Service - Julia Adler-Milstein)

2/2/2014: Hot topics in heart disease prevention and treatment (U-M Health System Public Relations - Michael Grossman, Lewis Morgenstern)

2/2/2014: Want to Be a Scientist? Maybe You Better Learn Chinese (ABC News - Reshma Jagsi)

2/3/2014: As the temperature drops, your risk of fracture rises (U-M Health System Public Relations - Kevin Chung, Myra Kim)

2/1/2014: The Influence of Emerging Administrative Scientists: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Friese (Journal of Nursing Administration - Chris Friese)

1/31/2014: Peanut allergy treatment shows promise (The Spokesman Review, Lodi News-Sentinel, Daily Press - Matthew Greenhawt)

1/30/2014: Infant mortality rate in Detroit rivals areas of Third World (Detroit News - Matt Davis)

1/30/2014: Postmenopausal Estrogen Therapy Tied to Lower Glaucoma Risk (MSN, Yahoo!Health, HealthDay News - Joshua Stein)

1/29/2014: Florida health care project delivers cost savings, important insights for emerging reform models (U-M News Service - Christy Lemak)

1/29/2014: UM study: Health information exchanges can reduce redundant ER imaging costs (Modern Healthcare/Crain’s Detroit Business - Keith Kocher)

1/29/2014: Listen up: Daily din dampens hearing ( - Marjorie McCulluch)

1/29/2014: Stop Worrying About Feeding Your Kids Organic Fruit (Huffington Post - Brian Zikmund-Fisher)

1/28/2014: Parents unclear about process for specialist care for kids (U-M Health System Public Relations - Sarah Clark)

1/28/2014: How do you pick a specialist for your child? (WDIV Detroit - Matt Davis)

1/27/2014: Health Insurers Encourage Physicians to Help Patients Use Cost and Quality Data to Select Providers, Including Medical Laboratories (Dark Daily - Susan Goold)

1/27/2014: Music helps young cancer patients connect and cope (Fox News, Yahoo, Reuters - Brad Zebrack)

1/27/2014: Study: Obese patients drive health care costs up; intervention can help (Crain's Detroit Business, Mlive, Dbusiness - Marianne Udow-Phillips)

1/26/2014: Measuring Surgical Technique (Sound Medicine/WFYI, Indiana University - John Birkmeyer)

1/25/2014: Mapping the End of the Road Have ‘the Talk’ now to direct family through end-of-life wishes (The Tampa Tribune - Maria Silveira)

1/24/2014: Lawmaker proposes ban on smoking in cars with kids (Journal-Courier - Matt Davis)

1/24/2014: When hospitals share patient records, emergency patients benefit, study suggests (U-M Health System Public Relations - Keith Kocher, Julia Adler-Milstein)

1/23/2014: Telephone counseling works for breast cancer-gene tests (Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo - Sofia Merajver)

1/23/2014: Vulvar condition causing painful sex strikes twice as many Hispanic women, half as many black women (U-M Health System Public Relations - Sioban Harlow)

1/22/2014: Reform Update: Effects of being uninsured linger even after entering Medicare, analysis shows (Modern Healthcare - John Ayanian)

1/21/2014: Seniors reminded of importance of taking daily medications (The Detroit News - Matt Davis)

1/20/2014: What can flu history teach us about this year’s outbreak? (U-M Health System Public Relations - Howard Markel)

1/16/2014: Doctors Say Reid's Request For Bowel Research Money Is No Joke (NPR - Philip Schoenfeld)

1/16/2014: When it comes to sharing the cost and charges for health care, hospitals fall short (MLive - Donald Likosky)

1/15/2014: Most With Hepatitis C May Soon Find Hope in New Treatments (HealthDay News - Anna Lok)

1/13/2014: Minority children use appropriate car seats less often (Reuters, U-M Health System Public Relations, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, etc. - Michelle Macy, Rebecca Cunningham, Kennith Resnicow, Gary Freed)

1/12/2014: Matters of life and death: Making decisions now will help loved ones in future (Detroit Free Press - Maria Silveira)

1/9/2014: Hospital Quality Drives CABG Race Disparity (MedpageToday - Justin Dimick)

1/9/2014: Prescription drugs a 'tipping point' for dating violence among urban youth (U-M News Service - Maureen Walton, Stephen Chermack, Frederic Blow, Marc Zimmerman, Rebecca Cunningham)

1/7/2014: U.S. Health Spending Rising Modestly, Report Finds (HealthDay News - Richard Hirth)

1/7/2014: Millions of lives saved since surgeon general's tobacco warning 50 years ago (U-M News Service - Kenneth Warner, Rafael Meza)

1/2/2014: U.S. no longer leads world in biomedical research funding ( - Reshma Jagsi)



12/31/2013: Eight Wonks Share Their 2014 Obamacare Predictions (The New Republic - John Ayanian)

12/30/2013: Annual lung cancer screening benefits outweigh risks for some (U-M News Service - Rafael Meza)

12/30/2013: Many Adults Support Additional Regulation of E-Cigarettes (HealthDay News, Michigan Radio, etc. - Matt Davis)

12/25/2013: The Truth Behind the Shocking New Statistics on Global Dementia Rates ( - Ken Langa)

12/23/2013: Many pediatricians uncomfortable providing care to kids with genetic conditions (Heritage Newspapers - Beth Tarini)

12/12/2013: Michigan hospitals form network to help revolutionize stroke clinical research (U-M Health System Public Relations - D. Brown and P. Scott)

12/10/2013: A rising tide that lifts all boats: Study links broader health insurance in Massachusetts with better health and care (U-M Health System Public Relations - J. Ayanian)

11/27/2013: Good news on the Alzheimer’s epidemic: Risk for older adults on the decline (U-M Health System Public Relations - K. Langa)

11/25/2013: Hospitals Take On Post-ICU Syndrome, Helping Patients Recover (Wall Street Journal - J. Iwashyna)

11/25/2013: Increasing the number of insured patients is not tied to higher ICU usage in Massachusetts (U-M Health System Public Relations - C. Cooke)

11/19/2013: Rehab goes mobile: $4.5M center to focus on how video game, apps, may help teens with disabilities (U-M Health System Public Relations - M. Meade)

11/18/2013: Lungs don't die when you do, so study seeks donors who die outside of the hospital (Washington Post - J. Punch)

11/18/2013: U-M health policy experts recommend more nuanced approach to health spending (Harvard Business Review/U-M press release - M. Fendrick, J. Ayanian)

11/18/2013: In pandemic, parents who get reminders more likely to get kids vaccinated, new study shows (U-M Health System Public Relations - K. Dombkowski)

11/14/2013: VA Researchers Instrumental in New Guidelines for Cholesterol-Lowering Medicines (VA press release - R. Hayward, T. Hofer, S. Vijan)

11/14/2013: VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Named VA Research Center of Innovation (VA Press release - E. Kerr)

11/14/2013: Obamacare and the end of employer-based health insurance (Forbes - T. Buchmueller)

11/11/2013: Warnings on Children's Drugs found to help curb misuse (New York Times - M. Davis)

11/7/2013: Female doctors twice as likely to screen low-risk women for cervical cancer with HPV test (U-M Health System Public Relations - M. Ruffin)

11/7/2013: Pregnant woman with limited English speaking skills find comfort in prenatal support groups (U-M Health System Public Relations - M. Fetters)

11/4/2013: Forum offers ideas on better-informing public about health care law (Detroit News - J. Ayanian)

11/4/2013: U-M Study: "Smarter" blood pressure guidelines could prevent many more heart attacks and strokes (U-M Health System Public Relations - J. Sussman)

10/31/2013: A Vital Measure: Your Surgeon's Skill (NY Times - J. Birkmeyer)

10/29/2013: ER study finds 1 in 10 older teens misuse Rx painkillers and sedatives (U-M Health System Public Relations - R. Cunningham)

10/28/2013: Overcoming low-income and language barriers to access
(U-M School of Nursing press release - A. Villarruel)

10/28/2013: JAMA: Reform proposals from 7 national policy centers and stakeholder groups endorse value-based insurance design (U-M Health System Public Relations - M. Fendrick)

10/24/2013: Young, black women at highest risk for lupus, suffer more life-threatening complications (U-M Health System Public Relations - E. Somers)

10/21/2013: Parents want e-mail consults with doctors, but don't want to pay for them (U-M Health System Public Relations - S. Clark)

10/21/2013: Infant pertussis hospitalizations lower than expected after teen vaccinations (U-M Health System Public Relations - M. Davis)

10/17/2013: Will health insurance expansion cut ER use? U-M study in teens and young adults may help predict (U-M Health System Public Relations - A. Haggins, M. Davis)

10/14/2013: Hospital report cards for hospital-acquired bedsores: How good are the grades? (U-M Health System Public Relations - J. Meddings)

10/14/2013: Affordable Care Act unlikely to push employers to drop health insurance coverage (U-M News Service video - H. Levy)

10/10/2013: New England Journal of Medicine: Surgical Skill and Complication Rates after Bariatric Surgery (NEJM - J. Birkmeyer)

10/9/2013: Skill ratings predict which surgeons perform safer surgeries (U-M Health System Public Relations - J. Birkmeyer)

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