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The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) is committed to inclusion of all fully qualified health services researchers on the University of Michigan campus.

IHPI Membership Benefits

Investigators join the institution as individual members, not as a group or center, and all members are entitled to equitable treatment based upon their individual credentials, regardless of whether they are the sole member of their School/Department/Division or part of a School/Department/Division with dozens of HSR researchers.

Members are free to collaborate with any group at IHPI. Research groups and partners cannot restrict collaborations across groups, and research groups must agree to be collegial across disciplines and clinical specialties.

No need to re-locate! IHPI members do not need to have an office at the NCRC but are expected to maintain a presence in the institute by actively participating in collaborations, attending seminars and giving talks.

One of IHPI's major goals is to supply intellectual support for all fully trained and qualified junior investigator members, especially those in Schools/Departments/Divisions that do not have senior HSR present.