Impact Accelerator Resources

Dissemination of research findings through the media can help increase research impact. This guide is intended to help faculty and staff understand and navigate the many communications resources available through the University of Michigan and IHPI. Please check back regularly for additional resources and updated information.

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Media relations resources

First, you should know where to find your PR support, which depends on where your primary faculty appointment is. Here are links to the PR office you should communicate with:

Please remember to mention your IHPI affiliation if you are working with your public relations representative on a health care-related press release, article or other news item, or are speaking with the media about your work in health services research! Please also keep IHPI’s Communications Manager in the loop on any stories or press releases you may be working on in the arena of health services research.

Some communications FAQs...

  1. Why should I talk to the media?
  1. How does the media process work?
  1. How does research from U-M generally get into the news?
    This infographic outlines the step-by-step process of how U-M research (typically) gets into the headlines. The infographic also outlines the options available to IHPI members who want to take their research beyond academic journals or a quote in a news article. For more information, contact U-M News Service, UMHS Public Relations, or the Impact Accelerator.
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  1. What are some tips for talking with reporters, and when should I contact Public Relations?
  1. What do I do when I have a media interview?
  1. How do I communicate my findings to the broader public?
  1. Where can I find logos, photos, and other communications resources (most require U-M computer and/or Level 1 [kerberos] password to access):


Developing and placing opinion pieces

To influence policy, your research needs to get in policy makers’ hands. Placing an op-ed in the local, state, or national media is one way to lift your research off the pages of academic journals and place it in front of a broader audience - one that is more likely to include policy makers, business leaders, and others with the power to create change.

The Impact Accelerator is available to help researchers write, edit, and place op-eds. Before you begin writing, contact the Impact Accelerator if you would like assistance. Helpful hints for writing a great op-ed and examples are linked below.

Tips for writing and placing an op-ed

The Impact Accelerator has developed a guide for op-ed writing with tips for focusing your writing for your desired audience and publication (download PDF).

Example op-eds
Below are some examples of op-eds published in local and national media that can serve as templates for developing your own piece. Many of the tips outlined in the guide above are used in these examples.

IHPI member op-eds in local media

Other example op-eds in national media