at The University of Michigan

Many patients have asked to support this research by participating in human trials of experimental devices. Again, no volunteers are needed at this stage of clinical testing. Similarly, many have asked to help move this technology forward with financial contributions.

In response, The University of Michigan has established a fund to advance academic research and teaching of kidney tissue engineering and related technologies*. For details contact:

Mary Morency
Internal Medicine Development Office
1000 Oakbrook Drive, Ste. 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

If you wish to include a check, make it payable to the University of Michigan
Note on it that it is for fund shortcode 304441.

* Disclosure: Rights to commercialize these research findings have been licensed to private companies. Dr. Humes and The University of Michigan have financial interests in the companies.

H. David Humes, MD with the first human application of the bioartificial kidney.