Hotel Profiles

Many of the hotels listed here give a better rate when reservations are made through our program. For assistance in reservations, contact the Patient and Visitor Accommodations Program at 800-544-8684 or 734-936-0135.

Onsite Hotel
Preferred Hotels
Downtown Ann Arbor
East Ann Arbor
East of US-23
South Ann Arbor
West Ann Arbor
Special Needs
Luxury Hotels

Full service — Amenities such as restaurants, room service, pools, etc., are available.

Limited service — A basic room with limited amenities.


Med Inn (limited service)

The newly renovated Med-Inn is a 30-room hotel, located in the heart of the University of Michigan Medical Complex.  Families of patients having surgery or located in the ICU of the hospital, along with seniors and patients and visitors with special needs,  will enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast in  warm and comfortable surroundings.  Rooms have one or two queen beds, microwave and refrigerators, flat screen TV's; mini-suites and barrier free rooms are also available, as well as:

  • Bellman services (hours vary)
  • Flat rates per room
  • Coffee service 24 hours per day
  • Guest lounge

Pictures of the Med-Inn Hotel are available on our facebook page.

Preferred Hotels Providing Free Shuttle Service:

Other Hotels

Downtown (Downtown area)

East of US-23

East Ann Arbor (Plymouth Rd.)

South Ann Arbor (near State Street & I-94 near Briarwood Shopping Center)

West Ann Arbor (near I-94 and Jackson Road)

Livonia (near U-M Center for Speciality Care)

Special Needs (call directly for reservations)

Luxury Hotels

Apartments: Please contact us at 800-544-8684 or 734-936-0135 for information regarding short term leases at area McKinley Suites, Signature Club Apartments, Woodbury Gardens and temporary housing.