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About Us

Wheelchair Seating Service employs the largest group of certified experts in the region. See below to learn more about our clinicians:

RTS-Rehabilitation Technology Supplier: The RTS participates in a clinical evaluation of the client and serves as the expert in recommendation of equipment that will meet the needs/goals of the client. The RTS assists in measuring the client, assessing existing equipment, providing a thorough knowledge of insurance related issues, obtaining demonstration equipment, submitting recommended equipment to insurance, obtaining equipment, delivering and fitting recommended equipment. All suppliers at the Wheelchair Seating Service are members of the National Registry for Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers.

ATS-Assistive Technology Supplier: Wheelchair Seating Service has six RTSs who have achieved the status of ATS through a credentialing exam administered by RESNA. These suppliers maintain the necessary continuing education to hold the designation of an ATS.

CRTS-Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier: Wheelchair Seating Service employs five RTSs who have achieved the highest credential, CRTS, in the rehabilitation equipment provision industry. A CRTS has successfully completed the ATS examination and has been a member of NRRTS for two years.

PT-Physical Therapist or OT-Occupational Therapist: The therapist is primarily responsible for completing a thorough clinical evaluation to assess range of motion, strength, sensation, gait, functional mobility, spasticity, etc. The therapist then provides clinical/functional goals from which recommendations of rehabilitation equipment will be made. The therapist provide the Letter of Medical Necessity and is involved in fitting the recommended equipment as needed. Wheelchair Seating Service works closely with therapists in schools, hospitals, outpatient clinics and home therapists.

ATP-Assistive Technology Practitioner: Wheelchair Seating Service works closely with a University of Michigan physical therapist who is an Assistive Technology Practitioner. An ATP is a therapist who is an expert in rehabilitation equipment and assistive technology. The ATP has been clinically involved with rehabilitation equipment for more than two years and has successfully passed the ATP examination as monitored by RESNA.

Case Manager Liaison: Wheelchair Seating Service has established a position to fully support case managers in all aspects of the delivery of equipment to their clients. This provides consistent contact for the case manager which facilitates open dialogue and expedites the process for their clients. This position supports the client and the case manager through the entire process of equipment recommendation, including provision of quotes, other necessary paperwork (i.e. LMNs, physician notes, scripts, etc), coordination of services including repair, or to provide a listening ear.

Upon request, the case manager liaison can set up an account with a specified case manager to request information for a client (i.e. quote immediately with a LMN to follow or quote only with follow up in one week, etc). This provides a more efficient process for both WSS and the case manager with the goal of decreasing the time to obtain equipment.

The case manager liaison works closely with our marketing team to provide education to case managers, tour our facilities or meet with the PM&R Collaborative Wheelchair Clinic. The clinic is directed by a U-M PM&R physician, a U-M physical therapist, and a WSS rehabilitation technology supplier (RTS).

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Full Service Repair

Wheelchair Seating Service provides a full service repair shop to support all equipment provided by WSS.

WSS boasts a service repair team led by a shop manager who also is a Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (CRTS) with over twenty years of experience in the rehabilitation technology field. The service repair team includes US Rehab certified service technicians to ensure knowledgeable technicians who can diagnosis and repair rehabilitation equipment. These technicians attend educational seminars for continued growth and development.

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