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For Health Professionals

This section contains resources for health care professionals. We’ve included important information about processes and procedures relating to coordinating your patient’s care with us. We’ve also included a convenient on-line referral form for both in-patient and ambulatory care situations.

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How to make a referral

A referral can be made through this Web site by following the appropriate link below. Please enter the information in the required fields and submit the request. A representative may contact you for more information.

Home Care Referral Form

If the referral is sent after 5:00 p.m. we will process it the next business day.

If you have question about making a referral or about our services, contact us at or 734-677-1515 or 800-842-5504

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Certified and Rehab Services Referral Information

Medicare Homebound Definition:
"Due to your illness or injury it takes a considerable taxing effort for you to leave your home and your absences are infrequent or of relatively short duration and generally for medical purposes."

Most Insurance require (except Medicaid, Work Comp. and Auto)

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Certified need for care

Criteria for home care admission

Generally SOC will be initiated within 48 hours of referral unless otherwise ordered.

If the patient is not admitted the agency will notify the referral source.

Physician will receive orders that will indicate how many times a week the patient will see a clinician and what the clinician will be doing in the home.

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Face To Facee

New ruling from Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, effective April 2011, to provide closer oversight by physicians managing care.


This visit must be related to the need for home care services and may be carried out by a non physician practitioner that is supervised by a physician. However only the physician can order home care.

The face to face includes the diagnosis for that is the primary reason for home care, the services needed and why – Nursing for wound care, urinary catheterization, injections… Physical therapy for gait training, range of motion, therapeutic exercises.

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