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About Us

A medical condition can strike when least expected, causing a great deal of stress on everyone involved. To make recovery as comfortable and quick as possible, we begin the home care plan before the patient leaves the hospital or clinic. Our experts work with the medical team to develop a plan of care, so the transition to home will be smooth. At the patient’s home, our health care professionals will train the patient and family to manage care, making sure everyone is completely comfortable with the care plan.

Service Territory

Michigan Visiting Nurses serves patients in Washtenaw, Livingston and western Wayne counties.

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Certified Services

We know that people recover more quickly from illness or injury when they are given the opportunity to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Caregivers from Michigan Visiting Nurses have received special training in home care. We respect that the patient and family are inviting us into their home to provide care, so we pay great attention to selecting the right professionals.

When advanced care is needed, we will call on our team of professionals with highly specialized skills, such as infusion or wound care, to ensure that the patients is getting the best care available. Our health professionals include:

Our coordination and management of these services

We have an efficient administrative and support staff to plan, coordinate and manage all of the patient's health care. Our staff will:

Our services are certified for reimbursement through Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross. We accept private pay, and participate with most commercial insurances or HMOs based upon actual costs. By carefully evaluating the reimbursement alternatives of each patient we are able to meet needs efficiently and economically.

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Rehabilitation Services

The goal of Rehabilitation Services is to help patients return to active life as quickly as possible by striving to increase strength, self-care and communication abilities. Our Rehab Department works in conjunction with nursing to coordinate care with the patient, family and physicians.

Our Physical Therapists work with patients to increase flexibility and range of motion, increase endurance and function, strength building. Their services include evaluating physical abilities, assess pain, complete a falls risk assessment, and recommend equipment and treatment based on results of evaluation.

Our Occupational Therapists provide the patient with skills for the job of living, those skills necessary to function in the community or the patient’s chosen environment. Occupational Therapists specialize in improving peoples’ function in key areas of their lives such as self-care, home management, pet care, recreational activities and community skills.

Speech and Language Pathologists assess, treat and help prevent disorders related to speech, language, voice, swallowing and communication. Their intervention and treatment plan is based on a comprehensive assessment.

Our Medical Social Workers assist patients and families to identify and obtain community and financial resources available and to provide patient and care giver support. Their services include assessing coping skills, social support, assist in completing applications such as insurance or nursing home placement.

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Mental Health Services

The Michigan Visiting Nurses Mental Health Program can assist patients with psychiatric disorders to live in a safe and supportive environment.

Our in-home services include:

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Pediatric Services

Michigan Visiting Nurses is a certified home health care provider of skilled pediatric nursing and rehabilitation services.

Together, our nurses and therapists work with the patient’s physicians to provide comprehensive and individualized care. Depending on the child’s needs, services offered include wound management, infusion care, mediation reconciliation and education, and general nursing and rehab care.

All our nursing staff have previous hospital pediatric experience and work closely with the hospital discharging team to create a smooth transition to home.

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Asthma Program

Michigan Visiting Nurses’ Asthma Program assists patient and families in managing asthma by providing education and assessments in the home, where the patient spends most of their time. While in the home the nurse will continue the asthma education that was started in the clinic or hospital, assist families with understanding their asthma action plan and medications, and assess the environment for triggers.

Our Registered Asthma Nurse is certified in asthma education.

Care coordination is key to the success of asthma care. Our home care team works closely with the hospital and clinics in several ways: both teams use the same educational material and tool kits, all home visits are documented in the University of Michigan Health System’s electronic medical record and our Asthma Nurse meets regularly with the hospital and clinic.

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Perinatal Home Nursing Program

Michigan Visiting Nurses’ highly qualified OB nurses specialize in mother and newborn care related to high-risk pregnancy, or home care for new mothers and infants. The Perinatal Home Nursing program offers:

New mothers and infants

After being discharged from the hospital, most new mothers and their babies will receive a visit at home from a visiting nurse. Usually, new mothers and babies are discharged 24 hours after a vaginal delivery and 48 hours after a cesarean delivery.

Schedule of Home Care

First, a call
The day after being discharged from the Women's Birth Center at University of Michigan Hospital, the new mother will receive a phone call from Michigan Visiting Nurses to arrange a visit. A nurse will be available to answer questions.

Then, a visit
After a vaginal delivery, the home visit is usually made on the third day after the date of birth. After a cesarean birth, the home visit is usually made on the fourth or fifth day after the date of birth, based upon the health care provider's orders.

At the visit, the nurse will:

Michigan Visiting Nurses is pleased to provide home health services to new mothers and babies. If you have questions or concerns about the Home Care Program for New Mothers and Babies, please call (734) 677-1515 or toll free (800) 842-5504.

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