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Through the Looking Glass - From Stem Cells to Tissues and Organs

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Microscope Techniques and Introduction to Virtual Microscopy (Hortsch)01.06.11
Cell Biology for the Histologist (Hortsch) 01.11.11
Stem Cells (Barald) 01.13.11
Quiz, Epithelia (Kim) 01.18.11
Connective tissues (Treisman) 01.20.11
Skin (Kim) 01.25.11
Muscle (Barald) 01.27.11
Quiz, Peripheral Nervous System (Hortsch) 02.01.11
Central Nervous System (Hortsch) 02.03.11
Eye (Hortsch) 02.08.11
Ear (Barald) 02.10.11
Cartilage and Bone Structure (Kim) 02.15.11
Bone Formation (Kim) 02.17.11
Quiz, Review session (Barald & Hortsch) 02.22.11
Midterm exam (covering first half of the course) 02.24.11
Blood and Bone Marrow (Treisman) 03.08.11
Lymphatic System (Barald) 03.10.11
Circulatory System (Barald) 03.15.11
Respiratory tract (Hortsch) 03.17.11
Quiz, General Gland Structure : Mammary and Salivary Glands (Hortsch) 03.22.11
GI Tract 1 ( oral cavity and esophagus and stomach ) (El Zaatari) 03.24.11
GI Tract 2 ( large and small intestine ) (El Zaatari) 03.29.11
Liver and Pancreas (Hortsch) 03.31.11
Quiz, Urinary Tract (Hortsch) 04.05.11
Female Reproductive (O'Shea) 04.07.11
Male Reproductive (Welsh) 04.12.11
Endocrine system (Fingar) 04.14.11
Quiz, Review session [Review Sheet] (Barald and Hortsch) 04.19.11
Final Exam (covering second half of the course) 04.21.11