Capital Project Approval Forms
Page last updated 11/18/2002

The Capital Project Approval Form (CPAF) is to be prepared for all capital expenditures requests of $300,000 or more. A copy of the CPAF Template is available below as a 'Read only" document which can be downloaded for actual input and preparation. The completed CPAF is to be submitted electronically to David Rose.

If your request is less than $300,000 you can use the Capital Request Form. Right click the hyperlink and save it (file name is crf.doc) to either your local drive or a network drive. It is a Word for Windows v6.0 template which you can download and complete. Instructions are part of the template.

To assist with the preparation of the CPAF, an example of three capital expenditures requests on the CPAF are also available.

To select a template, click on a link below.

Known Problems

You must have the Report Manager add-in for Excel to use Macro Printing. To verify that you have this add-in, start Excel. Go to 'Tools' on the menu bar, then select 'Add-ins'. Scroll down and look for 'Report Manager'. If it is not present, you may download it by right clicking and 'Saving link as' here. Save it to the the path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Library. Then, from Excel to to 'Tools', 'Add-ins', and browse to the above path. Click on 'Reports.xla', then click 'OK' in the window titled 'Add-ins'. The module is now installed.

If you have problems performing this install, or have problems with Excel after the install, contact your MCIT support staff. The HELP Desk number is 6-8000.

Printing from the 'File' menu in Excel will work without this add-in, but you will not be able to print using the macros on the 'Form' button without the Report Manager add-in.


Any questions or assistance relative to the capital project approval process or preparation of the CPAF can be directed to:

Above threshold (> $300,000): Below threshold (< $300,000):
Art Christensen David Rose
Telephone 734.615.3255
Fax 734.615.1342
Telephone 734.647.9967
Fax 734.763.0417

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