Liver Disease Blood and Tissue Repository

The main objective of the Liver Disease Blood and Tissue Repository is to facilitate clinical and translational research. The repository of blood samples (plasma and serum) and liver tissue samples will be utilized by clinical and translational researchers to answer questions related to the pathophysiology and clinical outcomes of chronic liver disease. The samples will be used to evaluate the utility of available markers for the diagnosis and prognosis of various liver diseases including fatty liver, viral hepatitis, and liver cancer, and to discover new biomarkers such as biomarkers for liver fibrosis and liver cancer. We hope these studies will help us to better predict disease severity and progression of chronic liver disease and guide the management of patients in the future.

Inclusion criteria

  • All adult patients > 18 years of age (out-patients and in-patients) undergoing a liver biopsy at the University of Michigan

  • Patients with all liver diseases (acute or chronic) will be enrolled, including patients who are post-liver transplant.

  • Able and willing to provide an informed consent.

Exclusion criteria

  • Unable and unwilling to provide an informed consent.

Contact persons