Patient Education

UpToDate is an online medical information resource where patients can go to learn about a medical condition, better understand management and treatment options, and find information to have a better dialogue with their health care providers. UpToDate provides in-depth, authoritative medical information, including recommendations based on the latest published evidence. Patients can view hundreds of free patient-level topics or subscribe to gain access to thousands of physician-level topics. UpToDate is the trusted resource of physicians around the world and is used by most academic medical centers in the United States. Visit

Here is detailed information on several liver diseases from UpToDate for Patients.

For more information about Liver Disease and Hepatology at Michigan Medicine, please visit Liver Disease and Hepatology on

The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) is the professional organization for hepatologists (specialists in liver diseases). An important mission of AASLD is education. Practice guidelines for various liver diseases are developed by experts and reviewed by a committee for accuracy and objectivity. These guidelines are available to everyone and can be downloaded from the AASLD web site