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Hamsa Hand Art Kit


About the Hamsa Hand

For thousands of years, people have embraced the ancient hamsa symbol of an open right palm as a sign of protection and good fortune. Hamsas are thought to have originated in Mesopotamia and can be found in many forms of artwork such as jewelry, paintings, drawings, tilework, clothing and more. In recent times, the symbol has been shared among many faiths and represents prosperity, peace and happiness. Hamsa

A Traditional Hamsa Blessing

  • Let no sadness come to this heart.

  • Let no trouble come to these arms.

  • Let no conflict come to these eyes.

  • Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

If you have your own art supplies, you can print out hamsa hands and instructions from the links below the video.

Here are the parts of the kit to print:

    Hamsa Hand art kit
    Hamsa Hand art kit
       Hamsa Hand art kit
       Hamsa Hand art kit

Share Your Hamsas! If you'd like your hamsas to appear on Gifts of Art's Facebook, please email photos of your finished artwork with your name and department to Bedside Art.

Watch a presentation about Hamsa Hands & Story Studio.

Gifts of Art is supported in part by gifts, donations to our endowment campaign, grants, the sale of artwork, and the FRIENDS of Michigan Medicine. To support this work, visit our Donations page.

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