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Art Under the Microscope

Art Under the Microscope
Art Under the Microscope
is an exhibition of art quilts inspired by scientific photographs taken through microscopes. In the course of scientific research, special stains are used to examine tissues for alterations in structure or function that are characteristic of health or disease. The beauty of these tiny biological structures is shared here as a fascinating combination of art and science.

The exhibition aims to honor scientific research efforts, enrich community spaces by bringing the arts into everyday life, and raise public awareness about the importance of the arts in healthcare settings.

Art Under the Microscope originally traveled the country for serveral years under the sponsorship of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare and the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) Gifts of Art program in partnership with the U-M Center for Organogenesis and Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends. It now resides in the permanent art collection of UMHS.

It is located in the corridor between the University of Michigan Hospital South and the C.S. Mott Children's and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital, Floor 2.

Comments about the exhibition from the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Article in Science Life, University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences.

Press release about the traveling show at the National Institute of Health.

Art Under the Microscope
About the Exhibit Partners

Gifts of Art brings the world of art and music to the U-M Health System. One of the first and most comprehensive in the U.S., its programs utilize the arts to assist and enhance the healing process, reduce stress, support human dignity and renew the spirit. More info.

Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends is a group of Washington D.C. area art quilters with a passion for the textile medium. The group has a legacy of providing art quilts for healing centers and is proud of the work that now hangs at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the University of Michigan Health System, among others. More info.

University of Michigan Center for Organogenesis unites scientists from many fields who work together to study organ formation, function and disease in order to to design new and effective strategies to treat disease and repair damaged organs. In the course of this research, scientists use special stains to add color to otherwise transparent tissues. This creates beautiful images combining art and science that have been named BioArtography. Center for Organogenesis info. BioArtography info.


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