M4 International Elective Experience


Each year about 60 fourth year medical students choose to spend one of their elective months on an international elective. Generally, students set up their own electives - the variety of previous experiences is a testament to the creativity and innovation of our students. For those students in need of logistical assistance, Global REACH can help identify potential opportunities.

How to apply an M4 International Elective

Application Process Guidelines:
If you are planning an international elective or have completed one between July 1, 2011 and June 30th, 2012 and are interested in applying for a grant, you can submit an on-line application through M-Compass.

Please note: Students may apply for funding from Global REACH for any international elective that occurs between July 1st, 2011 and June 30th, 2012. M-Compass will only permit students to have one (1) application in the system per application cycle. Similarly, Global REACH will only fund one (1) M4 international elective experience per student. Please take this into consideration when applying for the Global REACH M4 International Elective grant.

Dr. Joseph C. Kolars, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives will review all applications. The grant amount varies depending on the elective location. Applicants participating in an elective at one of our partner institutions are eligible for $1,200 whereas applicants participating in an elective at an MOU institution or another location in the world are eligible for $800.

What is the difference between a partner school and an MOU school?

The scholarship is available to 4th year University of Michigan medical students who are registered as full time students at the time of the elective. To be eligible for the Global REACH grant students are required to:

  • Complete the M4 International Elective Grant Application and Previous International Experience Survey (Available in M-Compass)
  • Submit a flight receipt and host institution acceptance (Upload this documentation into M-Compass)
  • Sign and date the verification statement
  • Complete and submit Office of Medical Student Education's M4 Elective Form for Outside Institutions.

Need help choosing an elective location?

  1. M4 Resource Binder
    Check out our electronic M4 Resource Binder! It contains information on how to apply for an international elective, funding sources, travel tips and surveys from previous students from the last two years. For access to the M4 Resource Binder please contact Heather Mäkiharju and include "M4 Resource Binder Access" in the subject line.
  2. Curriculum Reports and Student Reflections
  3. MOU School Contacts and Amazon Promise
    The University of Michigan has signed agreements (called Memoranda of Understandings) with over ten institutions around the world. On a space-available basis, Global REACH can place up to 2 students at any one of these institutions in a variety of clinical electives.

    MOU School Contact List (pdf)

    Each MOU school on the map provides you with contact information! Zoom out to see more.

    View MOU Schools in a larger map

    Please contact Global REACH at (734) 615-3118 for information regarding contacts at the schools listed above.

    Amazon Promise (www.amazonpromise.org) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to provide desperately needed medical care to remote, poverty-stricken populations living in the Upper Amazon Basin of Northeastern Peru. Since 1993, Amazon Promise has been providing essential medical services and education to residents of Iquitos and neighboring Belén, along with routine medical outreach and local training and education in 36 additional jungle villages located throughout Loreto, Peru's largest state. They are working to provide sustainable healthcare in Peru, and seeking to build a self-sustaining medical clinic and training center in Belén, the most neglected and impoverished region of Iquitos. Amazon Promise organizes six to eight medical expeditions annually with medical and non-medical volunteers. Global REACH has partnered with Amazon Promise to provide M4 students with a unique opportunity to participate in this work, with rotations planned for February and September annually. The volunteers staff full-day clinics in Belén, conduct canoe calls, and staff clinics in remote jungle areas. Dr. Robert Hyzy, M.D. of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Michigan, is the contact person for these rotations and serves as the Medical Director of Amazon Promise.
  4. American Medical Student Association
  5. If you still can't find anything... search for contacts with the help of Global REACH!
    1. Draft a short proposal of what you would like to do, and where you would like to do it.
      1. Include a justification of why you want to go - what do you hope to get out of the experience?
      2. Include a preferred timeline, understanding that some flexibility may be required.
    2. Forward that proposal to Global REACH (globalreachinfo@umich.edu)
    3. We will contact UMMS faculty members on your behalf to determine whether any of them have contacts that might be able to assist you. In return, we ask that you:
      1. Follow-up with any faculty member who provides you a contact, even if only to say, "Thank you, I am pursuing other options at the moment, but I appreciate your help."
      2. Treat each of these international contacts with the utmost respect and professionalism. You are representing the University of Michigan Medical School, and your actions may directly affect opportunities for future students to rotate internationally.
    4. If you are doing this as a Science in Clinics Rotation you will need to submit a copy of your final paper to our offices via e-mail (camoyer@umich.edu) to Cheryl Moyer at Global REACH at-1301 Catherine Street, 5111 Med Sci I, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5611.
    5. Finally, upon completion of all international experiences, we request that you fill out an online evaluation. This will include providing contacts in the area for future students.