Global REACH Buddy Program

Global REACH Buddy Program Brochure (pdf)

What It Is
The Global REACH Buddy Program is designed to welcome international students to University of Michigan Medical School, with the help of UMMS students. The program also serves as a way for medical students to develop contacts in other countries.

We match buddies based on...
Clinical interests
Cultural similarities
Level of schooling

Why Participate?
Medical students serve as a Buddy for the international visitor during their time at UMMS. Buddies will

  • Initiate communication once they have received your information
  • Upon arrival, they will help acclimate you to Ann Arbor, giving a tour of the hospital and the city, along with demonstrating the bus system
  • Assist in tasks such as settling into your residence, grocery shopping, and other possible needs you may have
  • Continue communication throughout your stay, involving you in medical school events

As a visitor to the University of Medical School, international buddies are expected to:

  • Be open to new cultures
  • Communicate with buddy
  • Complete a post-program evaluation

Buddy Events
During the program, Global REACH will hold several Buddy Events, where buddies can meet and get to know one another. This is a great opportunity to get to know your buddy better, as well as establishing connections with others!

2011-2012 Buddy Events

Getting a Buddy
Interested in getting a UMMS buddy? Any international student is welcome to apply, and the process is simple.

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application for international visitors once you have received your invitation letter from U-M.
  2. You will be notified of the program's decision within two weeks of application submission.
  3. Get matched with a UMMS student, and prepare for your visit to Michigan!

More questions?
Please direct questions to Carrie Ashton, Global Visitors Coordinator at Global REACH, Email: