Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

MOUs, are designed to formalize the relationship between UMMS and our global partners. They specify the nature of anticipated collaborations, such as allowing for the exchange of medical students, residents, and faculty. MOUs also specify the parameters under which such exchanges occur. MOUs clarify issues such as:

  • Degrees are not granted as part of international exchanges
  • All exchanges are approved on a space-available basis
  • Inter-institution arrangements meet all other requirements set forth in U-M's "Guide to the Establishment of International Agreements"

MOUs address more than just educational exchanges. MOUs to date have also focused on: medical education; higher education administration and quality improvement systems within the faculty and staff; educational and clinical care information technology infrastructure; and research programs.

Additional documents are drafted to address specific programs that might involve the exchange of funds or more detailed logistical issues, but the MOUs are a first step toward engaging our global partners in an ongoing, mutually beneficial exchange. MOUs are valid for a period of 3-5 years, at which point they may be reviewed, revised, and renewed as long as all parties are still interested in ongoing collaborations.

We hope to continue the process of relationship building with global partners to give our students, residents, and faculty a variety of institutions with which formal collaborations can be initiated as easily and seamlessly as possible.