Criteria to Apply for Electives

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University of Michigan Medical School Visiting Scholar Process

How to request a visit

Note:  Due to the number of requests from other countries, the University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) primarily accepts institutions that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with our Medical School to participate in electives.  We accept two students per institution each year for a one or two month elective from December through April. If you are from a qualifying MOU school then you may:
  • Initiate your request four months before desired date of visit
  • Send an e-mail to
  • Identify the reason for your request
  • List areas of interest and time frame you wish to visit
  • Identify your funding source
  • Provide mailing address for official letter of acceptance, if approved

Approvals are based on collaborative relationships currently established and availability of electives.

International students may apply starting September 1, 2011 for electives December 2011 - May 2012.

Criteria to Apply

  • Students from international schools are expected to be fluent in English, with TOEFL efficiency.
  • Visiting students are expected to have a competency level that will allow them to function as M4s in elective rotations.
  • Students must be in their final year and in good standing at their own institutions.
  • The following required clinical clerkships must have been completed and passed:
    • Internal Medicine
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    • Pediatrics
    • General Surgery
  • Students must have completed 48 weeks of required clerkships in the same Medical School at which they completed their basic science coursework. These requirements must be documented through submission of an official transcript.

Applying for an elective

  • There is no guarantee of available space in the elective of your choice. International students are assigned electives after:
    • University of Michigan students
    • Michigan State University and Wayne State University students
    • Out-of-state students
  • Students must submit proof of immunization for the following:
    • Measles
    • Rubella
    • Mantoux test for Tuberculosis (must be within the last 12 months)
    • Hepatitis
    • Influenza
  • Immunization form (pdf)


Send all completed forms to Carrie Ashton, Medical School Global Visitors Coordinator, at or fax to 734-615-6300.

Visa Process

You may be eligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). To check your eligibility, click here.

Once you have received an invitation letter from UMMS, apply for:

B-1 Visa for students participating in medical electives that are less than 6 months.  You can apply at your consulate for your visa.

Applying for a J-1 Visa:

  • A student or visitor staying longer than 6 months requires completion of a DS-2019 form that is processed at the International Center at the University of Michigan.
  • If you are applying for a J-1 visa and after you receive your letter of invitation, fill out a data request form ds2019_info_newev.pdf and e-mail it to information on the data request form is used by Global REACH to complete the DS-2019 forms. Once entered into the system, the International Center processes the form and mails it to you.
  • Financial and personal materials: You are required to show you have $2,000 a month financial support for each month of your stay. A copy of a bank statement in US currency or a letter from your source of funding stating you are covered for that amount is acceptable.
  • Send a copy of your passport and a copy of your bank statement or letter of support from your institution to Carrie Ashton by email at or by fax to 734-615-6300.
  • Once the International Center receives your DS-2019 it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be processed. 


Contact: Carrie Ashton at or 734-615-4549.

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Traveling to Michigan

  • The closest airport is Detroit Wayne Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
  • Please wait until you have been accepted in an elective before purchasing tickets.
  • Please arrive during the week prior to your elective start date and during the day if possible.

It is important to note that the entire process for a visiting scholar must be closely followed. A period of three months (minimum) is required to ensure that all processing requirements are correct and complete.


Carrie Ashton
Phone: 734-615-4549
Fax: 734-615-6300