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Montevideo Takes Manhattan: The Latin American Provenance of the Global Childrens Health/Childrens Rights Movement

  • Date: 9/21/2011, 4-6 PM
  • Location: International Institute
    2609 School of Social Work Building
    1080 South University Avenue

About the Presentation
In 1933 Uruguay established the worlds first Ministry of Child Protection, and the following year adopted a "Childrens Code" as part of its commitment to "defend all of the rights of the child." With this measure, Uruguay became a world leader in assuring that childrens rights were not only rhetorically invoked but could be realized, and child health improved, through redistributive public policies. This talk examines from a historical perspective the provenance, paradoxes, and resonance of Uruguays integrated, rights-based approach to child well-being and explores how its child health and welfare ideas and practices shaped developments in the Americas and globally in the twentieth century.


Anne-Emanuelle Birn is Professor and Canada Research Chair in International Health at the University of Toronto. Her research explores the history of public health in Latin America and the politics of international health.


The Latin American provenance of the global childrens health/childrens rights movement (pdf)


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