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Structure - GI Fellowship Training Program (3-year)

Director: Hari Conjeevaram, M.D., M.S.
(734) 615-9759

Our 3-year training program aims to prepare fellows for careers in academic medicine and is separated into two tracks. Those applicants interested in basic research are assigned to the Physician Scientist Track, and those primarily interested in clinical practice and investigation are assigned to the Clinical Scholar Track. An average of six fellows are appointed each year.

Fellows from both the Research and Clinical tracks will typically spend the entire first year on the clinical gastroenterology services of the University (about 8 months) and VA Hospitals (approximately 4 months) acquiring basic endoscopic skills and a firm clinical foundation in gastroenterology. In the second and third years, the clinical fellows will assume a more supervisory role in the clinical services of the two hospitals, while also learning more advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. During the three-year fellowship, fellows are provided time that they are expected to use in the conduct of clinical or basic research. Two NIH training grants support several fellows during their reseach training; limited clinical activities are performed during this time.

In addition to our 3-year training program, we have a 4th-year fellowship program in transplant hepatology, and in July 2007, we started a 4th-year fellowship program in advanced endoscopy.