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Mobility Research Center


The Mobility Research Center (MRC) is located near the University of Michigan (U-M) North Campus, is accessed by U-M shuttle, taxi, and city bus service, and has parking immediately outside the building for easy access. The MRC focuses on studies of mobility and physical activity assessment and enhancement in older adults. As a part of the UM Geriatrics Center , an important mission of the MRC is to serve as a center for undergraduate, graduate, and junior faculty trainees.

The MRC leverages expertise from a number of disciplines (such as geriatrics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and neuropsychology) to examine the mechanisms underlying mobility problems and develop interventions to address these problems.

Areas of the MRC are dedicated to specific measurements, including a gait lab with a subfloor force plate pit and optoelectronic camera system for kinematic and kinetic measurements; a separate room for private medical history and examinations; a 60 foot walkway for walking tests; dedicated areas for oxygen uptake and isokinetic dynamometry measurements; and a common area with rails for group exercise activities.

Key equipment available at the Center includes:

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