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Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence

As a John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence in Geriatrics, The University of Michigan Geriatrics Center continues to focus on the development of current and future junior faculty to meet the urgent national need for academic leaders in geriatrics. The Geriatrics Center has in place a superb infrastructure for the support of people taking the first steps towards an academic career in geriatrics and has established a strong track record of academic training in geriatrics. Preparation for an academic career in geriatrics includes clinical training to develop expertise in geriatric medicine and meet board eligibility requirements, specific training experiences in education and administration to provide the broad background needed for a successful academic career in this field, and a heavy emphasis on either mentored research training for physician scientists or mentored training in teaching or curriculum development for clinician scholars.
The Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence designation supports the Geriatrics Center’s established and successful career development activities for physicians transitioning to become the next academic leaders in geriatrics.

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